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The Campaign

Throughout history, people’s voices have had the power to create change. But today, it is our planet that needs a voice. We knew that world leaders were meeting in one place for the 2009 Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen. Our goal was to give people of all nationalities and social standing a voice, and in doing so, create one united voice for the planet. Our solution was EARTH FM – A global radio broadcast which invited people to record a voice message for world leaders about climate change, which would be broadcast for world leaders to hear at the Copenhagen Summit. As an idea for the people, Earth Fm was spread by the people through social media as well as media coverage, with thousands of voices from around the world uniting as one collective voice for the planet.

Success of the Campaign

Built on the belief that people’s voices have the power to create change, EARTH FM was recognized in Copenhagen as a critical step in reaching a unified international solution for climate change. The idea gave thousands of people all over the world who would not usually have a voice, an audience with the world’s political leaders, and formed one voice for the planet. With the target of an international summit of world leaders, we received an international mix of voices from all corners of the world including Australia, USA, Great Britain, China, India, Japan, Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Canada and New Zealand. Due to its success, EARTH FM will continue to be used by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as a new platform to channel the voice of the people on environmental issues, as a way to create action for the future of our planet.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

3 stages: 1. Launch the idea as a radio broadcast, we created the collatoral of a radio station. The material was launched online which spread through social media, as people heard about the chance to be a part of the broadcast to world leaders. 2. Create the EARTH FM website, which was designed as the digital radio station. Here, people could record a voice message directly to the broadcast, and tune in to the live broadcast of voices from around the world. 3. EARTH FM broadcast at the Copenhagen Summit. We broadcast the voices of the people in the streets of Copenhagen. Secondly, we recorded the entire EARTH FM broadcast and laced it inside a silver orb. The ‘Earth Orb’ was then sent to Copenhagen. The ‘Earth Orb’ was delivered to world leaders on stage in Copenhagen, as one voice for one planet.


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Andy Dilallo Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Creative Director
Jay Benjamin Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Creative Director
Michael Canning Leo Burnett Sydney Copy Writer
Kieran Antill Leo Burnett Sydney Art Director
Stephanie Brown Leo Burnett Sydney Digital Producer
Nick McGrath Leo Burnett Sydney Developer
Keong Seet Leo Burnett Sydney Interface Developer
Anja Urzendowsky Leo Burnett Sydney Designer
Patrick Fileti Leo Burnett Sydney Editor
Masataka Kawano Leo Burnett Sydney Designer