Product / ServiceMINI 50th ANNIVERSARY
Entrant Company:INTERONE CHINA Beijing, CHINA
Advertising Agency:INTERONE CHINA Beijing, CHINA


The Campaign

By beginning of 2009 MINI hasn't reached the full customer potential due to perception that MINI is: a) A cute, sweet car – a girlie‘s car b) A fun car for young people only With the 50th anniversary we were asked to change the perception of the MINI brand and attract the male and more mature customer. In otherwords, to create two important breakthroughs in China: gender and age range. 1. Substance Small does not mean “cute”. We use “small-car-performance” to communicate MINI go-kart feeling, agility, speed, and competitiveness of the MINI spirit. 2. Heritage By leveraging MINI's history, we educate consumers about the rich heritage of the MINI brand and use it as a vehicle to strongly convey the MINI brand values: Cheeky, creative, outstanding, unique and individualistic. THE MINI ACADEMY FOR FAST LEARNERS A multichannel campaign that celebrates 50 years of MINI. It is like school, but fun.

Success of the Campaign

From 75,000 to 850,000 fans on Kaixin (Chinese Facebook) in the first week of the campaign. 1,3 Million visitors on the Online Academy Website in the first month. 7 minutes average usage.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The Academy started with an online Teaser and a viral on Youku (chinese youtube). This teaser contained some entry exams and a registration for the birthday party. In parallel we launched a MINI fan site on Kaixin - the chinese Facebook. 3 days before Mini's birthday party (26.8.2010) the radio station started to recruit students for the then fully launched MINI Academy Site. The Radio Show was interlinked with the popular web platforms and The birthday party marked the launch of the real Academy. People that registered in the teaser phase of the website were invited alongside the press. from August until December there were ongoing celebration and ATL advertising (Print, OOH) all with a clear drive to web focus.


Name Company Position
Georg Warga Interone China Executive Creative Director
Kay Koester Interone China Executive Creative Director
Kathrin Guethoff Interone China Creative Director
Kaki Zheng Interone China Art Director
Philipp Cerny Interone China Art Director
Maik Lutze Interone China Art Director
Ferdinand Weinrother Interone China Art Director
Jack Li Interone China Art Director
Maya Cai Interone China Copy Writer
Georgina O’Loughlin Interone China Copy Writer
Erin Yin Interone China Copy Writer
Sylvia Zhang Interone China Copy Writer
Claudia Woelfle Interone China Client Service Director
Kuo-Hi Lee Interone China Client Service Director
Maggie He Interone China Account Manager
Janet Zhu Interone China Project Manager
Renato Quaroni Interone China Online Concept
James Li Interone China Associate Director RIA
Lin Li & Guo Wei Interone China Designer
Rainie Han Interone China Junior Flash Developer