Product / ServiceENGINE OIL
Entrant Company:OGILVY & MATHER JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency:OGILVY & MATHER JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN



Name Company Position
Nobuhisa Ishizuka Ogilvy & Mather Japan Planner
Natsuko Shimizu OgilvyOne Japan Producer
Kaori Mochizuki OgilvyOne Japan Art Director
Akihito Abe OgilvyOne Japan Creative Director
Atsushi Hashimoto Yama Designer
Kazuki Nakata Yama Flash Developer
Tadakazu Oda FISH GROVE Programmer
Shojiro Nakaoka Bitztream Sound Designer
Satoko Takada Ogilvy & Mather Japan Copywriter
Genjiro Wakayama Ogilvy Action Japan Account Manager
Kogoro Kurata Castrol Ichi-GO Creator and Constructor
Yusuke Kitani Kaibutsu Construction Project Manager
Takako Narumi Zeal Associate Corporation Event Operation
Kentaro Tsubouchi Sunny Side Up inc. PR
Chika Tsukamoto Sunny Side Up inc. PR
Satoshi Shinjin catchball Inc. Online Promotion

The Campaign

Castrol became an official sponsor of FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa. We set off on the development of “Castrol Ichi-GO,” a free kicking machine powered by engine. Kicking beyond 200km/hr was our goal, which would be the world’s fastest free kick by a machine. This is a live documentary featuring the whole story, from the laborious development of the machine which was perceived to be impossible to create, up to achieving a world record.

Success of the Campaign

The project was covered in over 150 Japanese media, and the media effect in Japan alone was worth 500 million yen. Google had over 2 million hits. The news spread to 80 countries, and received enormous media coverage around the world. We received many offers from national / foreign TV, professional football matches, special events for football supporters and exhibitions at the Toyota (Castrol’s B2B Client) showroom. Castrol Ichi-GO even achieved a Guinness World Record and succeeded in communicating our message - Castrol’s engine oil delivers “Best Performance”.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

[Development] We announced the development of Castrol Ichi-GO through the media and bloggers and launched the official website and utilized YouTube, Flickr and blog parts to post updated events, videos and photos. [Completion] We conducted a public showing where we invited numerous journalists and the general public. Demonstrating the machine’s performance helped us achieve maximized media exposure. [Performance] As planned, we received several offers from the media as well as professional football teams. We succeeded in appearing on TV, magazines, and events without spending any media money. We even challenged the Guinness World Records and became number one.