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Product / ServiceADIDAS FOOTBALL
Entrant Company:TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency:TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN


The Campaign

In order to inspire and unite the country in a massive show of support for the Japan National Football Team on their journey to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, through the collaboration of supporters from all over Japan, we created an inspirational and world record-setting send-off in the form of a giant comic strip that the National Football team could view from the plane as they departed to South Africa.

Success of the Campaign

Marketing campaigns often receive accolades and awards, but it isn’t often that they set a world record in the process. And the best part of this project is making FIFA world cup meaningful to children. Approximately 13,000 school aged supporters participated to Sky Comic event took place at 13 cities. Over 50,000 people were involved in project digitally. And the project generated over US$ 6,600,000 worth of earned media with 0 investments in paid media.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Sky Comic project, which spans 13 cities over five weeks, is a creation of 13 massive 300 square meter individual comic strip panels painted by national team supporters from all over Japan. The individual panels are photographed from the sky and uploaded to website where the entire story comes together. The website includes Behind-the-scenes videos as well as photos of the teamwork that went into the project. Fans who couldn't be at the event participated by sending messages from their PCs, mobile phones, and Twitter, which were included in the website's word balloon feed to become part of the comic. As the final piece of thirteen massive comic frames were combined into not only an amazing show of national support but also the world’s largest comic strip. It was lit up in the early morning for the National Team to view as they departed from Haneda airport to South Africa.


Name Company Position
Kazoo Sato TBWA\HAKUHODO Senior Creative Director
Hideyuki Tanaka TBWA\HAKUHODO Associate Creative Director
Hirofumi Nakajima TBWA\HAKUHODO Senior Art Director
Katsuhiro Shimizu TBWA\HAKUHODO Senior Art Director
Haruhito Nisawadaira TBWA\HAKUHODO Art Director
Keisuke Shimizu TBWA\HAKUHODO Designer
Masaharu Kumagai TBWA\HAKUHODO Copy Writer
Taro Sato TBWA\HAKUHODO Account Director
Shintaro Takeuchi TBWA\HAKUHODO Digital Planner
Jun Ino Formes Interactive Art Director
Keitaro Takahashi Formes Technical Director
Shunsuke Ohba Formes Flash Developer
TERU mashcomix Illustrator
Atsushi Shimomura Sosa., Inc. Sound Designer
Kentaro Kinoshita Monster Ultra Producer
Makiko Okada Monster Ultra Producer
Hideki Harada Monster Ultra Production Manager
Mona Yamamoto Monster Ultra Production Manager
Ippei Watanabe Cocoon Behind-the-scenes Producer
Hiromi Watanabe Behind-the-scenes Director