EntrantBILCOM Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:BILCOM Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency:BILCOM Tokyo, JAPAN



Name Company Position
Takeshi Kamioka Bilcom, Inc. Executive Creative Director
Shinji Oota RaNa extractive, inc. CreativeDirector/Art Director
Hayato Chaki Bilcom, Inc. TV/Movie Director
Takeharu Ishikawa RaNa extractive, inc. Designer
Hiroyuki Sugiyama RaNa extractive, inc. Technical Director
Mari Sasakura RaNa extractive, inc. Web Producer/Director
Kurara Hayakawa Bilcom, Inc. Account Director
Yasuhiro Morishita Bilcom, Inc. Account Executive
Kunimitsu Takahashi Nikkei Visual, Inc TV Producer
Kenichi Watanabe Nikkei Visual, Inc TV Director
Tokyo TV Center Post Production
Mayumi Sawada Bilcom, Inc. PR
Kinoe Tomohisa Bilcom, Inc. PR

The Campaign

As the cooperate communication strategy of Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd. targeting businesspersons around thirty to forty years of age, we initiated a triple-media strategy, utilizing third-party (e.g. television), owned (e.g. websites and iPad applications), and social media (e.g. Twitter and Youtube). The theme of this project is “JONETSU NO KEIFU”. Not only do we transmit the "Passions" of the past and contemporary giants to the users through television, YouTube, and the website, but we also provide opportunities for the users themselves to pass on this information through Twitter. Additional information was conveyed through the iPad application and magazines, providing a different aspect of “JONETSU NO KEIFU”.

Success of the Campaign

Merit for the client, Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd., is to increase recognition about the company name through this project. It is difficult for the target to convey company information. So we created the content that would attract the target, and built company’s name “Kyowa Hakko Kirin” into the content. The company’s massage,” the pharmaceutical company making new history” was also built into the content. So user can receive the company’s name and its image from this content. User can not only enjoy watching the TV programs, Youtube, and the web site, but s also submit his affected phrases on twitter. Selected phrases are sent to other user to cheer up, and users communicated about them. Many encounters are created from “Passion”.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We simultaneously publicized a visual content called “JONETSU NO KEIFU” through television, YouTube, and website. This strategy, utilizing multiple media, enables the content to be exposed to targets of all lifestyles. We also encouraged the targets themselves to transmit their impression of this content via Twitter. Popular tweets, selected by users, were further retweeted using BOT. Additional information was conveyed through the iPad application and magazines, providing a different aspect of “JONETSU NO KEIFU”.