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The Campaign

Nissan had been suffering from low traffic to its showrooms despite substantial amount spent on print and radio advertising trying to drive people to its 2 showrooms, to register for updates and test drives. Hardly anyone was showing up at its showrooms even on weekends. There was ZERO showroom activity to attract weekend traffic. It felt like a ghost town. All it ever did was to rely on its print and radio advertising to drive people to its website or showrooms for registration. Nissan was losing opportunities that can convert leads into customers. Nissan wasn’t optimising its marketing assets (such as its 2 showrooms) enough to generate decent sign-ups in order to convert leads into customers through future re-marketing efforts. So Nissan needed to revamp its communications strategy.

Success of the Campaign

5.1 Event Registration • The event was over-subscribed by 1,180% 5.2 Showroom Traffic • Over 80 people at both Nissan showrooms over 2 days, compared to an average of 20 people in previous weekende, increase of 300% 5.3 Ad Units Performance • Every ad unit delivered above the industry CTR of 0.1%. • One of the Ad units even delivered an astonishing 2.29% CTR, 2,190% above the industry average • Average CTR was 0.73%, 630% above the industry average 5.4 E-DM Performance • Open rate was 14.65% (industry rate of 10%), 46.5% above the industry rate • CTR of 16.1% (industry rate of 2% to 6%), 303% above the industry average 5.5 Database performance Database sign-ups jumped to 590 in 2 just weeks, increase of 590% And we captured the right target audience : a) 79% male b) 59% are 30 to 44 years old c) 68% married

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Nissan wanted to capture the married male car owners between 30 to 44 years old. Nissan needed to give them reasons to visit its showrooms where sales people would be on site to convert them. We needed a big idea to get them to register their interests at and visit the showrooms. We all knew how much Singaporeans love their cars. So we decided to show some love to their cars by organizing a SUMMER CAR WASH offering :  FREE car wash and grooming tips.  Water-fun activities : As most of the car owners were mostly males, we organised such activities to occupy them while they waited for their cars.  DUNK hot female bloggers into a water tank : which male could resist that!?  Lucky draw : To ensure high registration, we threw in a pair of flight tickets to Tokyo as a prize.


Name Company Position
Jimmy Lim Mindshare Executive Director