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Jimmy Lim Mindshare Executive Director

The Campaign

The Global Economic Crisis in 2009 had dented Nissan car sales in Singapore. The Korean brands were top-of-mind on people’s list as they were cheaper alternatives for prudent mindsets There was barely any traffic to its website. There was no new database captured. The Nissan Facebook fan page population stood at a mere 159. With the upcoming festive season full of retail advertising, the last quarter of 2009 was proving to be a huge mountain to climb. Suffice to say that a new car was not on most people’s X’mas shopping lists But the client had some money to blow on an advertising blitz. Nissan wanted us to help them : 1. Increase Traffic to nissan.com.sg 2. Increase Facebook fans base 3. Increase database of Males, 25 to 44 years old They just didn’t know what to do with it!

Success of the Campaign

a. Facebook Fan Base Fans base jumped from 159 to 1,000 within the 1st 3 weeks,increase of 530%! Overall fans base increased to 2,600 after 4 months of campaign, increase of 1500%! We captured the right target audience : 61% Males, 74% : 25 to 44 years old b. New Sign-ups on nissan.com.sg Of the 2600 fans, 1,300 joined the Fast Cash Contest, a 50% conversion rate! c. www.nissan.com.sg Maintained constant traffic for 4 months, with nearly 100% of the traffic coming from Nissan’s Facebook fan page Average time on site was 90 secs (vs. industry average: 30 to 60 secs). 78% of visitors were unique and new! 3 months later….. Average time on site was 52 secs (vs. industry average: 30 to 60 secs). 66% of visitors were still unique and new!

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We advised Nissan to give the money away! We told them to allocate a portion of the campaign budget for the…Nissan $300k Cash Windfall Nissan asked about the communications strategy….so we told Nissan we would simply ARREST people if they didn’t know about the promotion. So we trained a Super Cop, Sgt. Kam Liat Yu to roam the streets and arrest people who were ignorant of the promotion. Each day, Sgt Kam would arrest people and placed paper bags over their heads to save them from embarrassment! And he would parade them in public so others would not repeat their crimes! He would also summoned non-Nissan car owners as it would be a crime not to be driving a Nissan! All campaign collaterals drove people to the Nissan Facebook Fan Page so we could increase the fans base.