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EntrantDRAFTFCB Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Entrant Company:DRAFTFCB Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Advertising Agency:DRAFTFCB Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


The Campaign

TM was losing relevance with the youth, seen as a lumbering giant lacking innovation and not in tune with their lifestyle. They were also the most vocal about TM’s weaknesses. EveryoneConnects.Net was created to change this. It rallied the youth to connect, communicate and collaborate behind the idea and led them to the biggest Sing-Along Event in Malaysia. Along the way, it amassed a huge following on TV, radio, blogs, Youtube and Facebook that defied expectations. Within 2 months, it changed the catch-phrase ‘TM sucks!’ to ‘TM rocks!’

Success of the Campaign

Within 2 months, the campaign achieved: • A 22% increase in ‘Loyalists’ for the TM brand. • Around 5,000 people came for the Sing-Along Event. • TM’s broadband sales went up by a phenomenal 16%. • Voted top 10 viral campaign worldwide for November 2009 by Goviral.com • Over 30,000 Facebook fans • 1.5 million pageviews for the microsite • Over 1.3 million views of its videos on Youtube. • 1.16 million unique viewers for the live-streaming of the Sing-Along Event. • The theme song became a genuine hit song on the radio within 2 weeks of the campaign.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

A mystery song was introduced to the mass media with just a website address. It created a huge buzz on traditional and social media and people started humming and singing to the song. On 23 October, various media touchpoints were used, including a TV commercial, radio, a revamped microsite, online banner concerts and outdoor to reveal the band, the brand and the plan. They worked seamlessly in getting as many people to collaborate on the plan by: • Singing along at booths around Kuala Lumpur. • Remixing the song on the microsite. • Dancing to the song via an online game. • Coming to a Big Sing-Along Event. Everyone then experienced the beauty of broadband and how it makes mass collaboration possible. At the end of the campaign, those who were engaged by it were convinced that broadband connection and TM can make anything possible, even a plan this massive.


Name Company Position
Lakshmi Mohan DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Executive Creative Director
Jam J Ariffin DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Associate Creative Director
Alec Loh DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Business Innovations Director
Rizal Sufar DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Senior Art Director
Bonita Teo DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Senior Copywriter
Noor Aziz DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Digital Executive Creative Director
Lawrence Chuah DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Client Services Director
Raja Nurmaria Murni DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Associate Account Director
Ridhuan Sidek DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Digital Project Manager
Simon Wee DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Digital Project Executive
Adriyanti Ghazaly DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Digital Writer
Joseph de Leon DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Strategic Planning Director
Rachel Goey DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Senior Account Executive
T. Kalithasan DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Production Director
Zailani Hassan DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Studio Manager
Mohd Azlan DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Designer
Lam Wei Jin DraftFCB Sdn Bhd Designer