Product / ServiceNIKE
Entrant Company:DIAMOND OGILVY Seoul, KOREA
Advertising Agency:DIAMOND OGILVY Seoul, KOREA


The Campaign

Prior to 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Nike decided to launch a new JUST DO IT campaign featuring Korea’s figure skater, Yuna Kim. Due to her excessive exposure to media, she became recognized as a celebrity rather than an athlete. How can we give her back her identity as an athlete whilst instilling JUST DO IT spirit in the hearts of Korean people?

Success of the Campaign

Videos spread fast and views amounted over 620,000. It ranked first place for most commonly searched, and numerous articles and blogs spoke about the campaign. And the campaign further proceeded as banner ads Also, we built a website encouraging people to establish their own “JUST DO IT” spirit. More, this campaign continued at the transit square. It was also shown at health clubs, where people were inspired to gain the “JUST DO IT” spirit during their workouts. After 50 days of preparation, Yuna finally won a gold medal. The campaign ran again, except this time with a special edition. Every Nike retail store carried new advertisements regarding Yuna’s triumph. Not only did a medal remain after the campaign, but the spirit remained in the hearts of the nation.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We found an answer from her behind story that led her to success. We decided to reveal Yuna’s fear and concernment through the launching of 6 teaser spots. The following week, we launched an official 30-second ad. Yuna shaves away all the words about fear and concernment which appeared in the earlier teaser spots.


Name Company Position
Wain Choi Diamond Ogilvy Executive Creative Director
Jaehyuk Jang Diamond Ogilvy Creative Director
Changyun Baek Diamond Ogilvy Art Director
Hyoyeon Kim Diamond Ogilvy Art Director
Hoyoung Kim Diamond Ogilvy Copywriter
Kyungsic Park Diamond Ogilvy Agency Producer
Russell Monk Photographer
Kwangseok Kim walking on the blue Director
Sunghwan Jang Lee&Jang Ogilvy Digital Creative Director
Eunyoung Park Lee&Jang Ogilvy Digital Campaign Manager