Type of EntryCorporate or Brand Identity
CategoryA01. Corporate Identity Schemes


Brief Explanation

Every piece of paper has a story to share. Each comes with its own touch and feel. We wanted consumers to experience and remember this unique feel that comes with the different types of paper.

The Brief

PAPERSTORY, a newly set-up paper merchant wanted to communicate its wide range of specialty paper.

How the final design was conceived

The logotype uses different types of printed paper because every piece of printed paper tells its own story through its unique texture. The simplicity of the logotype lies in the uncontrived method of folding the 10 alphabets of PAPERSTORY. Each alphabet is formed by the contrasting play on positive and negative space. By using different types of printed paper, there are permutations of the logotype. Namecard/letterhead: Each logotype permutation comes with a matching type of paper. This becomes a marketing device for PAPERSTORY to show the types of paper it has and it allows recipients to feel the paper.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

“I’m very pleased with the corporate identity design. It definitely reflects my vision of telling my customers about the different types of paper we have. And not just any type but the right one for them. But what I really like about it, there’s so much possibilities with the design. Every permutation tells a different story.” (Quote from Jeanette Lim, Managing Director of PAPERSTORY)


Name Company Position
Calvin Soh Publicis Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Alex Lim Thye Aun Publicis Singapore Creative Director
Ajay Thrivikraman Publicis Singapore Creative Director
Tattoo Yar Wen Sen Publicis Singapore Art Director
Tam Ivy San Publicis Singapore Art Director
Astari Bratahalim Publicis Singapore Art Director
Alex Lim Thye Aun Publicis Singapore Art Director
Kee Wei Shern Publicis Singapore Copywriter
Alex Lim Thye Aun Publicis Singapore Copywriter
Aaron Ang Shooting Gallery Asia Photographer
Kelvin Lee Shooting Gallery Asia Producer
Wishing Well Asia Wishing Well Asia Digital Imaging
Stephenie Lee Wishing Well Asia Producer
Motion Media Works Motion Media Works Video
AMX Audiophiles AMX Audiophiles Sound