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Product / ServiceCORNEA DONATION
CategoryA03. Flyers, Tickets, Invitations, Postcards, Calendars, Christmas and Other Greetings Cards
EntrantJWT Melbourne , AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company:JWT Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Design/Advertising Agency:JWT Melbourne, AUSTRALIA



Name Company Position
Richard Muntz JWT Melbourne Executive Creative Director
Keith Nicolas JWT Melbourne Deputy Creative Director
Harsh Kapadia JWT Melbourne Art Director
Chris Andrews JWT Melbourne Copywriter
Bronwyn Kidd Coco Productions Photographer
Paulina Hryniewiecka Visual Thing Retoucher
Michael Ball JWT Melbourne Creative Services Manager
Matthew Lonergan JWT Melbourne Account Director
Emma Donaldson JWT Melbourne Agency Producer
Adam Prints Production Company
Anne Revell DonateLife Client
Graeme Pollock Lions Eye Donation Service Client
Sun Studios Melbourne Studio

Brief Explanation

With minimal budget there was no possibility of using main stream media. We still needed to reach a large target market in an effective way. The objective was to promote Corneal transplants to doctors, who would in turn recommend corneal donation to their patients, since there was a personal point of contact through the practitioners. Amongst all the clutter of various pieces of communication in a doctors’ clinic, we needed a way to stand out.

The Brief

The problem faced by the client was, often when people fill in the organ donors forms, they tend not to tick corneal tissue, as the focus is always on major organs and due to lack of awareness. Even though corneal tissue is the easiest organ to donate. The original client, Lions Eye Donation Service, commissioned us to promote the cause of corneal transplant.

How the final design was conceived

We designed a table calendar using portraits of past corneal tissue recipients. The perfect tool for doctors to use as a conversation platform to discuss corneal transplants with their patients. Each portrait's eyes, from January to November, are die-cut. However, the portraits' eyes from December are clearly visible. All perfectly aligned, you can look through each portraits' eyes, to see someone else's. Emphasising the message of corneal transplant.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The brief started as being a communication piece for Melbourne's Lions Eye Donation service only, but soon went on to become a national communication piece through the Federal Governments Organisation – Donate Life - after we presented the idea and was tested amongst doctors. The calendar became an aid and an interesting way to initiate talk about corneal transplant. We maximized buzz by driving word of mouth from relevant influences, which are the practitioners who would educate and recommend corneal donation to their visiting patients.