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Product / ServiceEARTH DAY
CategoryA07. Point of Sale
EntrantLOWE & PARTNERS Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA
Entrant Company:LOWE & PARTNERS Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA
Design/Advertising Agency:LOWE & PARTNERS Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA



Name Company Position
Ng Heok Seong Lowe & Partners Executive Creative Director
Lee Foong Peng/Ng Heok Seong Lowe & Partners Art Directors
Ezra Foo Lowe & Partners Copywriter
Nicole Wong Lowe & Partners Client Service
Ong Bee Lin Lowe & Partners Client Service
Hoch Studio Pashe Photographer
Eddie Lee Lowe & Partners Print Producer
Lisa Chong Lowe & Partners Print Producer
Digiscan S/B Color Separation

Brief Explanation

To paint an environmentally-friendly image for Ikea but to be able to do so on a shoe-string budget.

The Brief

To make shoppers aware that IKEA is committed to preserving the environment and that the materials it uses are from renewable forests.

How the final design was conceived

First we drilled a tiny hole in the ear of the pinewood table, just tiny enough for a live tree sapling to go through. We then pushed the stem of the sapling through the hole. A wet tampon attached to the base of the sapling under the table kept the plant alive. So the impression created was that even the wood in the furniture in-store is still alive.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

It generated a lot of curiosity in the store. 7 out of 10 people who saw it were curious enough to inspect this unusual thing further. Many also approached Ikea co-workers to find out more.