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Name Company Position
Isabelle Marchand Ampersand Marketing Director, Strategy and Client Experience
En Ge Xue Ampersand Marketing Creative Designer
Nicolette Koh Ampersand Marketing Consultant
Winnie Chin Associate
Xiang Wen Hong Johnson & Johnson Neutrogena APAC Director of Marketing
Jamie Lim Johnson & Johnson Neutrogena APAC Assistant Brand Manager
Vikram Vasisht Johnson & Johnson Neutrogena APAC Senior Manager of Marketing
Siti Shahera Amwar Johnson & Johnson Skin Health Scientific Engagement
Keshan Gunasinghe Johnson & Johnson Skin Health Senior Director R&D
Percival Salazar Pastrana Johnson & Johnson Head of Skin Health TPX & Consumer Science
Viswanath Ramaswamy Johnson & Johnson Consumer SEA Senior Director
Josephine Soh Johnson & Johnson Skin Health Singapore Senior Brand Manager
Tair Daungporn Naowabutra Johnson & Johnson Skin Health Thailand Associate Director
Chawankorn Aimmanoj Johnson & Johnson Skin Health Thailand Brand Manager
Rikka Anggitha Johnson & Johnson Skin Health Franchise Senior Marketing Manager
Yudith Arianda Johnson & Johnson Skin Health Indonesia Senior Marketing Manager
Katrina Suarez Johnson & Johnson Skin Health Philippines Marketing Manager
Fitz Richard Domingo Johnson & Johnson Skin Health Philippines Senior Brand Manager
Yodsmer Perrapon Johnson & Johnson Skin Health Thailand Brand Amplification Director
Krisha Dy Johnson & Johnson Senior Manager DMX

Why is this work relevant for PR?

STORYTELLING IN THE COVID-19 ERA: THE POWER OF PR The work presented in this entry is a showcase of creative communications - converting an observed social behavior (skin concerns such as maskne) into a timely PR angle to deliver value to the target audience in meaningful ways. Our earned-first campaign narrative was amplified across all business touch points including product-display-pages on e-commerce and branded ads, proving that PR is the heart of an integrated marketing campaign. The campaign’s successful messaging and communications halted declining sales from physical stores, pivoting the business to achieve a 4:1 sales versus spend ROI.


HOW TO REACT TO A GLOBAL PANDEMIC? CHANGE THE RULE BOOK Lockdowns, staying home, increased handwashing, and sanitizing became the norm in 2020. As a result, beauty brands suffered a significant decline, giving skincare even more importance and meaning. Now, it was on skincare brands to quickly respond. Being fast and able to pivot was never more critical – and that was what we did. In February, there were no existing ideas or campaigns prepared for what was to come. So, we changed the rule book to completely rethink ongoing campaigns to create COVID-19 relevant storytelling and assets. Simultaneously, we formulated a new ‘science-first, expert-led’ content concept that Johnson & Johnsons’ skin health brands Neutrogena and Aveeno could leverage to enter a conversation with consumers across Southeast Asia staying relevant and sensitive to their new reality.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

SKIN HEALTH IN THE NEW NORMAL: “MASKNE BECOMES A THING” As early as February 2020, we observed new social behaviors brought on by COVID-19: spending more time at home, increased mask-wearing, sanitization, and hand washing. These new behaviors brought on new challenges for her skin. She faced new kinds of breakouts and skin irritation due to mask-wearing (also known as maskne), and dry, irritated skin due to over-washing and sanitizing. Spending more time at home, she started noticing the effects of indoor pollution on her skin. We knew she had questions, but no one provided credible, science-backed answers. We arrested her attention by giving her what she needs – answers to her new skin challenges! We focused on establishing solutions and routines for a post-pandemic, new normal world. The idea of NEW NORMAL, NEW SKIN CHALLENGES was born, inspiring a series of assets and activations.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

SKIN HEALTH: THE NEW NORMAL FOR THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY In times of a global pandemic, where health was most important, our consumer needed simple yet credible information on her skin. With this insight, we leveraged Johnson & Johnsons’ skin health credentials, heritage and experts to engage her with content that educated and entertained. 1) REFRESHED MESSAGING AND CLAIMS We generated New Normal relevant messaging and claims for a suite of products together with client R&D teams to achieve timeliness and relevance. 2) INFORMATIVE AND CREDIBLE, YET RELATABLE STORIES VIA INFLUENCERS, DERMATOLOGISTS, AND SCIENCE EXPERTS Leveraging the right mix of voices, we worked with influencers who asked consumer questions/shared their own experience. We engaged external dermatologists as trusted voices while J&J experts credentialed products' science/efficacy. 3) DIGESTIBLE SCIENCE SHE CAN TRUST AND ACTION IN REAL LIFE Finally, we condensed our expertise into science-first, bite-sized skincare hacks that were simple and credible.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

FIRST TO ENTER MASKNE CONVERSATION IN ASIA Observing increased mask-wearing since February, we leveraged an ongoing influencer shoot to capture additional assets reflecting the ‘new normal’, and entered April’s maskne conversation. SCIENCE-LED VIDEOS WITH ACTIONABLE TIPS In June, we addressed skin irritation/redness from prolonged mask-wearing with bite-sized science videos explaining product efficacy and hacks (hand cream for your face!). LIVESTREAMS TO DISCUSS NEW SKIN CHALLENGES/SHARE SOLUTIONS Together with an influencer, dermatologist, and J&J R&D, we engaged her with shopper messages, tips and introduced Neutrogena products via our livestream. EXPERT Q&A ON NEW NORMAL SKIN CHALLENGES ON SOCIAL MEDIA Anticipating her journey to our social media pages, we created Lab Chats - Instagram stories Q&A featuring J&J experts. REFRESHING E-COMMERCE WITH NEW NORMAL SKINCARE PRODUCT MESSAGES Finally, we refreshed the brands’ product-display-pages on e-commerce to highlight products for her concerns/consideration.

List the results (30% of vote)

NEW NORMAL, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, NEW SUCCESSES Our campaign successfully engaged our target audience on the topic of skin health and new normal skin challenges, reaching over 4 million unique viewers across Southeast Asia. The engagement rate of interactive assets on Instagram Stories performed 5x above average, with a record of 22.27% against a benchmark of 4%, and livestream events garnered over 200,000 viewers. Through e-Commerce livestreams, we achieved a 10-fold increase in sales compared to the daily average - $250K in sales within 24 hours of one session. Refreshed social assets and product display pages also led to a 312% growth in visitors on e-commerce homepages. In Singapore, Nielsen SEA YTD June 2020 reported a +11.7% growth in sales for the Neutrogena Face category. Neutrogena Singapore’s market share grew ahead of the category by 7.6%, beating competitors. By engaging consumers with a compelling story and relevant hooks and messaging in the context of the new normal reality, we achieved our business target with an ROI of 4:1 (sales achievement versus budget spent).

Please tell us about the social behaviour that inspired the work

Skin Challenges – The New Normal Edition As early as February 2020, we observed new social behaviors brought on by COVID-19: spending more time at home, increased mask-wearing, sanitization, and hand washing. Through our agency’s consumer insight incubator*, we uncovered that skincare was the MOST valued aspect when it comes to personal care since COVID-19 amongst our target audience (as compared to makeup/hair care/exercise/oral care/dressing). With the insight above came new skin challenges – she faced breakouts and skin irritation due to mask-wearing (also known as maskne), dry and irritated skin due to over-washing and sanitizing. She started noticing the effects of indoor pollution on her skin from spending more time at home, to name only a few. We knew she had questions, but no one provided credible, science-backed, and actionable answers. *based on a survey conducted by Z Incubator with 400 respondents aged 16-25 in Singapore

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