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Idea Creation BUDWEISER CHINA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Leo ZHANG draftLine(Budweiser) Executive Creative Director
Daniel Wang draftLine(Budweiser) Creative Director
Lei Zang draftLine(Budweiser) Associate Creative Director
Serena Tian draftLine(Budweiser) Senior copywriter
Hazel Xu draftLine(Budweiser) Art Director
gaga Shen draftLine(Budweiser) Art Director
Yuki Yu draftLine(Budweiser) Planner
Chace Chen draftLine(Budweiser) Project Manager
Amanda Wang draftLine(Budweiser) Project Manager

Why is this work relevant for PR?

Since the pandemic, the number of COVID patients in Wuhan kept rising.Wuhan, thus, became the very first city to lock down. 420, the ID number representing the people in Wuhan, became the symbol of Covid-19. 420 was isolated from the world.


420, the ID number representing the people in Wuhan, became the symbol of Covid-19, 420 was isolated from the world. In April, 2020, lockdown ended in Wuhan. However, the discrimination did not. Born in Wuhan, Budweiser China decided to do something.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

On April 20, a special date for Wuhan (420 as their ID code), Budweiser created 2020’s first and biggest online EDM festival:‘WUHAN IGNITED’Night EDM River Parade. Cloud-touring millions of people around the IGNITED city of Wuhan, in fabulous night light, we IGNITED local pride of Wuhanese, who proudly presented their identity, and re-IGNITED nationwide respect to Wuhan, from people all over China. Budweiser, again, bringing people together.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

Originated from Wuhan, Budweiser China believed all 420s deserved respect from the world, and we owed them a welcome ceremony to bring people together. With all 420s, On April 20th, a special date for Wuhan (420 as their ID code), Budweiser held the first-ever post-quarantine EDM live-streaming parade on Wuhan's mother river. In conjunction with a spectacular city light show to cheer for the city.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

<420 Wuhan ignited live-streaming> On April 20th, we breakthrough-ed single camera shooting mode of traditional live-streaming, and ignited the vibe and mood to climax in EDM, incorporating diverse strong Wuhan elements – local dialect theme, cultural tourism brands, local theme songs, city landmarks, and city light shows.

List the results (30% of vote)

6734,000+Livestream Views ; 99.99% Earned Media 10X Engagement; 47,600,000+Impressions NO.1 Social Topic On Local Social Media Platforms