2020 IN A CAN

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Title2020 IN A CAN
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Kieran Antill R/GA Executive Creative Director
Kieran Antill R/GA Executive Creative Director
Kat Mercer R/GA Creative Director
Peter Majarich R/GA Creative Director

Why is this work relevant for PR?

We conducted extensive research into current sentiment in the market, using a mix of social listening tools and media desk research. The chatter on social channels and in the media about the horrors of 2020 was overwhelming and the insight was clear... ‘People have never before wanted to toast the end of a year as much as this one’. ‘2020 in a Can’ demonstrates a real understanding of societal sentiment and how bringing a new perspective to the conversation, fitting to our brand's tone of voice, can drive significant business results.


To continue their mission of owning the on demand drinks segment, Jimmy Brings wanted to ensure they were top of mind at a key time of year with their current customers, and create awareness of their service with new customers. The brief was to support their current summer campaign in the market, with a new wide reaching idea that cut-through the clutter. After a challenging year of battling bushfires, Covid19 and murder hornets, we were aware Australians had been bombarded with an overload of negative media and content. We saw there was a longing for some much-needed levity, and a definite desire to let go of the year that was. To add to this, our objectives were to achieve brand awareness beyond what a $65k budget could achieve in paid media. Plus, to increase engagement, leading to more app downloads, which would ultimately lead to greater sales.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

With everyone craving a ceremony to say good riddance to a batshit crazy year, what seemed right, was something so wrong – creating a commemorative drink that tastes like 2020 – like shit. Some unlucky buggers – subjected to experimental batches in market research – uncovered the least liked flavours. And the result, an ungodly mixture of toothpaste, liquorice, salt and coriander. Only 2,020 cans were available on the Jimmy Brings app, which sold out in 5 days. Helping our old acquaintance, 2020, be long forgot.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

We captured our market research experiment to have engaging images and video content ready to release before the christmas holiday. We seeded the story by sending journos a 2020 In a Can Press Kit, for tier 1 journos this included actual can samples and for everyone we provided easily accessible assets including a Hero image, Hero film and pre-written PR article. We also wanted to get the cans in peoples hands as early as possible, so they could give it a go and challenge other people to join them. So we engaged influencers to be hype women and men that inspired people to toast the beast of a year that was. Opting for a volume of influencers, to ensure a broader audience appeal and a mix of genders and ages.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

In just 2 weeks from concept to execution, we combined strategic thinking with creative execution, and were ready to release to the news to the general public on the 18th of December. We launched the can to the public with Sam Mac’s final pub Quiz of the year on Sunrise national breakfast show, as we loved the synergy with the fun tone and end of year theme. We then released the full press kit to the media between the 18th and 23rd December. Our influencers were scheduled to release their content from the 23rd of December to the 29th, with a mixture of in feed and story content. We challenged them to drink the can and bid farewell to 2020. telling their audience that the limited edition can was exclusively available on the Jimmy Brings app. Available from the 23rd December.

List the results (30% of vote)

The cans, which were exclusively available on the Jimmy Brings app, sold out in only 5 days. Picking up national coverage with segments on TV, including the Sunrise national morning breakfast show, the Daily Mail newspaper, and countless social influencers. All in all, reaching 1.7M Australians at the most critical time of year for the brand. 2020 in a can increased our Sydney customer base by 27% in 7 days, these new customers represent an annual spend of $285,650 for the business. This resulted in an ROI of $4.40 for every $1 spent – not bad for a $65K budget! It also contributed to elevating the summer campaign in delivering a year-on-year 167% increase in sales, and a 97.87% increase in app downloads.