CategoryG04. Social Behaviour
Production 2 ONION Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Takayuki Niizawa Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Chief Creative Officer
Yuhei Takeyama Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Associate Creative Director
Norio Okinojo Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Associate Creative Director
Konomu Suido Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Junior Copy Writer
Keisuke Hara Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Art Director
Ko Ishizaka Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Account Manager
Tamaki Maeda Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Strategic Planning Director
Ju Yoo Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Strategic Planner
Yuki Honda Onion Film Producer
Seiya Mizukami Onion Production Manager
Takumi Ikemoto Onion Production Manager

Why is this work relevant for PR?

We invented a way to PLAY with mozzarella unique to winter, instead of using the conventional approaches such as developing new recipes or showing sizzling shots. As a result, our execution was featured in a wide range of media outlets, driving more consumers to try to stretch the cheese, film their experiments and post the videos on social media. This movement culminated in creating the brand-new food trend in the cold season and spreading the original form of food entertainment. Eventually, mozzarella made a breakthrough, becoming one of the popular ingredients for Nabe (Japanese hotpot dish) in winter.


In Japan, sales of mozzarella drops in winter. This is because people buy the cheese normally for making cold, Caprese salad in summer when tomatoes are in season as well as affordable. Our aim was to make consumers aware of the fact that mozzarella is good not only for cold, Caprese salad but even when eaten hot in winter.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

For generating interest, we created a one-shot, live-action, and CG-free video, attempting to demonstrate in a surprising way that mozzarella stretches far beyond imagination when eaten hot. We also focused on creating viral expressions to make consumers willing to post and share their videos of trying to stretch the cheese.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

Playing with food is still considered taboo in Japan but we chose to break some rules as the biggest brand in the market. What we focused on was the most outstanding feature of mozzarella when eaten hot—it amazingly STRETCHES. Featuring Nabe, Japanese hotpot dish popular in winter, and demonstrating that consumers can casually enjoy the cheese dishes at home in the cold season, we transformed mozzarella into entertainment through the striking video that made everyone willing to try.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

Our ’Insta-worthy' video was designed to make consumers willing to try the same and post their videos on social media. Aiming to spread the viral effect, we also involved influencers who were cooking experts and famous on social media. To create a further momentum, we developed the hashtag #STRETCHEEEESE as a viral word, intending not to be a mere advertising campaign but to make the brand-new food trend and spread the original form of food entertainment.

List the results (30% of vote)

Media Outputs - Total reach: 25 million people / Views: 10 million / PR value: Equivalent to 500 million JPY Target Audience Outcomes - Total number of posts published with the hashtag #STRETCHEEEESE: 100k / Mozzarella got ranked amongst the top 10 popular ingredients for Nabe (Japanese hotpot dish) in 2020 Business Outcomes - Sales growth: 182%

Please tell us about the social behaviour that inspired the work

Daring to break the taboo of playing with food, we demonstrated the brand’s spirit of challenging status-quo and sense of fun. We also focused on the live-action shot as an antithesis to hype and fake, since the audience these days expresses stronger oppositions to exaggerated or staged TV shows and commercials.