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KYUNGJONG SEO HS Ad Creative Director
SEUNG EUN LEE HS Ad Account Executive
KYUNGSOO KIM HS Ad Account Executive
HANSOL HA HS Ad Account Executive
KWANHO LEE HS Ad Account Executive

Why is this work relevant for PR?

The annual national business, Korean Tourism marketing could no longer use the message to promote visits to Korea due to COVID-19. Thus, we established a strategy to avoid recommending visits while drawing attention to Korea at the same time.   We could attract people's attention by using the music video format, displaying dance performance at tourist sites rather than simply showing landmarks We successfully achieved the public object of Korean tourism by imprinting positive images to numerous foreigners during a period of low interest in traveling.


As traveling became tough due to COVID-19, we needed to establish a strategy different from the previous tourism communication that usually induced people to visit Korea. In addition, we aimed to develop an impactful campaign so that foreigners remind of Korea as the priority when covid-19 ends and travel resumes. In a limited situation where social distancing is implemented and face-to-face communication becomes difficult, online content is almost the only way to deliver the charm of Korea across the world. So the main purpose of this campaign is focusing on interesting music and dance performance rather than showing famous landmarks. We used the modernly reinterpreted version of Korean traditional music “Pansori”, which was unfamiliar to foreigners, as the BGM, and sought to arouse interest through creating a scene of people, visiting major tourist sites and dancing within the crowd, in the form of a music video.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Instead of simply showing famous landmarks of Korea in the ad, we planned the 6 series of tourist contents that highlights characteristics of each city [Seoul, Jeonju, Busan, Mokpo, Andong, Gangneung] It attracts attention by combing Band LEENALCHI’s music which is reinterpreted Korean traditional sound ‘Pansori’ with the breathtaking dance performance, and tried to catch the eyes by showing local place that is less familiar to foreigners. We settled concepts for each city; Seoul, the capital city of Korea; Busan, the city of the sea; and Jeonju, a city where the tradition lives intact, and selected songs that matched the concepts to edit and create dance choreography. As ‘Pansori’ was unfamiliar to foreigners, many foreigners showed deep interest in it, and through the music video-like dance performance directions, we were able to receive reviews as an advertisement that does not seem like an advertisement.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

[Insight & Key message] In order to create a brand new type of tourism content, we conducted a consumer trend analysis. We were able to confirm that short videos of music and dance were popular online. To convey the Korean excitement through online contents, we selected a theme called ‘Feel the Rhythm of Korea’ and produced a music video format video on the harmony of Korean traditional sound and modern dance performance. [Target Audience] Age targeting (China:2040F / Japan:2130,4150F / Middle East Asia:1834 / Europe & America:2059MF), executed globally. [Creation and distribution of assets] As SHORT VIDEO was a hot trend like the contents on TiKTOK, we produced an interesting SHORT FILM with music and dance as subjects. We utilized online platforms (Youtube, Facebook, TTD, TOUTIAO, IQIYI, TENCENT) mostly used by the MZ generation, the main target of the travel industry, to create voluntary viral.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

“Feel the Rhythm of Korea” contents were produced in the form of a music video with different concepts according to the characteristics of each city (ex. traditional city, marine city, capital city, etc.). The LEENALCHI band’s music, a reinterpretation of Pansori, was used as the BGM, and the dance team went around the city's tourist spots and danced to trigger the excitements of Korea. In Andong, Gangneung, and Mokpo contents, band ‘LEENALCHI’ that actually played the BGM, also appeared in the video to secure fandom. The contents received attention by using music and dance as subjects, while considering the MZ generation, the main target of the travel market, and was executed via global online media (YT, FB, TIKTOK, etc.) during the on-air period [2020.08.03 ~ 2020.12.06]

List the results (30% of vote)

[Media Outputs] - Reached 560 million cumulative views for online contents with the message ‘Feel the Rhythm of KOREA’ -16 times reported on the Domestic broadcast, 11 articles in the Newspaper, and more than 330 reported Online [Target Audience Outcomes] - The contents have become a hot topic online and topped the list of YouTube trending videos . - Cover dance contents and parody videos uploaded from all around the world [Business Outcomes] - Won ‘THE BEST DIGITAL CAMPAIGN’ Award at ‘2020 TOURISM INNOVATION SUMMIT’, held in Spain. - Won <GRAND AWARD> in the Audio category, <SPECIAL AWARD> in Global Advertisement category, and <SPECIAL AWARD> in public Advertisement category at 2020 KOREA ADVERTISMENT AWARDS.


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