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CategoryD01. Use of Original Composition
Post Production BEATWORMS Los Angeles, USA
Post Production 2 FRANKLIN RD Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Post Production 3 AEROPLANE MUSIC Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Stephen England-Hall Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Officer
René de Monchy Tourism New Zealand Director of Commercial
Brodie Reid Tourism New Zealand Director Marketing
Tony Rogers Tourism New Zealand Acting Director Marketing
Bjoern Spreitzer Tourism New Zealand General Manager, Domestic
Lauren Vosper Tourism New Zealand Global Manager, Public Relations and Major Events
Jill Chestnut Tourism New Zealand Global Brand and Content Manager
Penelope Ryan Tourism New Zealand Consumer Marketing Manager
Ella Frater Tourism New Zealand Brand and Content Manager
Ben Rogers Tourism New Zealand Senior Brand & Content Specialist
Nela Doring Tourism New Zealand Brand and Content Coordinator
Joan Zhang Tourism New Zealand Social Media Lead
Wei-Lin -Hum Tourism New Zealand Social Media Coordinator
Anna Basten Tourism New Zealand Campaign and Conversion Specialist
Georgia Woodbridge Tourism New Zealand Campaign Manager Domestic
Ellen Drower Tourism New Zealand PR Manager, Domestic
Tony Bradbourne Special Group New Zealand CEO/CCO
Michael Redwood Special Group New Zealand Managing Partner
Heath Lowe Special Group New Zealand Executive Design Director
Stu Mallarkey Special Group New Zealand Executive Creative Director
Matt Simpkins Special Group New Zealand Group Creative Director
Sarah Shepherd Special Group New Zealand Creative Director
Rory Gallery Special Group New Zealand Head of Strategy
Callum Orr Special Group New Zealand Strategist
Storm Day Special Group New Zealand Head of Client Service
Sophie Kerkin Special Group New Zealand Group Business Director
Caroline Logan Special Group New Zealand Group Business Director
Amelia Daly Special Group New Zealand Senior Business Director
Michael Lyons Special Group New Zealand Senior Business Manager
Isabeau Brimeau Special Group New Zealand Business Manager
Ruby Koia Special Group New Zealand Business Executive
Sally Lankshear Special Group New Zealand Senior Producer
Casey King Special Group New Zealand Senior Producer
Joel Kefali Good Oil Director
Andrew McClean Good Oil Executive Producer
Andrew Stroud Good Oil Director Of Photography
Luke Haigh Good Oil Editor
Adam-Luka Turjak Good Oil Editor
Stu Bedford The Machine Room Flame Artist
Cam Ballantyne Beatworms Music Composer
Jan Hellriegel Aeroplane Music Music Negotiator
Wayne Bell Aeroplane Music Music Negotiator
Jonathan Mihaljevich Franklin Rd Music & Sound Audio Post Producer
Cole Goodley Franklin Rd Music & Sound Sound Design


When Covid-19 hit, the world closed its borders. International tourism was abruptly halted in its tracks. In New Zealand, where tourism makes up 20% of our GDP and employs 479,000 people, this was a major problem. The nation was faced with a sudden and massive hole in the tourism industry, and the New Zealand economy as a whole. In response, Tourism New Zealand’s mandate was changed. Instead of attracting visitors from other countries, we needed to get New Zealanders to dramatically increase the amount they spend on tourism domestically. We needed Kiwis to explore New Zealand the same way tourists do. The objective? To inspire everyday kiwis to fill the void left by international tourism, rebooting an entire industry and helping the New Zealand economy recover.

Describe the creative idea

We developed ‘Do Something New, New Zealand’. An inspiring idea (and campaign line) that encourages kiwis to not just go on any holiday, but a NEW one. All we needed to do now was launch it. With a bang. We needed the nation on-side, and quickly. So we decided to launch in a quintessentially Kiwi way: cheeky, positive and down-to-earth. As a nation we love a singalong. Which made the solution obvious. We’d launch Do Something New, New Zealand through the power of song. Something uplifting. Catchy. And preferably fronted by a couple of national treasures. Aaaaand that’s where Madeleine Sami and Jackie Van Beek came in. The star comedy duo performed Do Something New, New Zealand, a single released on Spotify, vinyl and all media channels. Giving the nation a much-needed smile, the song told Kiwis exactly what they needed to do – and helped reboot our tourism industry.

Describe the strategy

We needed Kiwis to get out and explore Aotearoa – spending more in the process. Problem was, Kiwi holidays were steeped in routine. We needed to shake people out of their holiday habits. Get them to try new activities and places and change their mindset about what a holiday at home could be. We needed to drive behaviour change and provide inspiration. To drive behaviour change, we had to signpost what we wanted Kiwis to do. And because 100% Pure NZ is usually international-facing, there needed to be no doubt that we were talking to New Zealanders. The new domestic mandate required a new creative platform - one that speaks Kiwi. Enter: Do Something New, New Zealand. Not only does it tell people exactly we want them to do, it’s also equal parts inspiration, challenge and invitation. We’re not just telling people to do new things… we’re showing them how.

Describe the execution

For maximum impact, the song launch was choreographed to coincide with a buoyant national mood. Springtime, post-election and following a second successful lockdown, Kiwis were looking forward to summer. After the news, at 6:57PM on a Tuesday 27th October, an all-channel roadblock launched the song to the nation. This was immediately followed by interviews with Madeleine on Seven Sharp and The Project, and subsequent interviews on breakfast television and radio. The television and Spotify launch was supported by a vinyl press (by the aptly named Holiday Records), and a nationwide OOH, digital and social campaign. Regional tourism operators joined in, using a toolkit that made it easy to add Do Something New to their own messaging. Air New Zealand even dedicated an entire issue of Kia Ora to ‘New’. Across subsequent seasonal and regional campaigns, the song has been our consistent hero, reminding us to Do Something New, New Zealand.

Describe the outcome

The Song campaign has achieved outstanding recognition. In the first 48 hours, the song saw over a 250,000 You Tube views, with over 12,000 engagements, 85% of which were positive. Since then, eight out of ten New Zealanders recall seeing the video or other campaign elements (and three-quarters of them liked it or loved it). But for this campaign, we needed action more than recognition. And we got it. Over half of New Zealanders have already been motivated to act by the campaign. From launch until the end of 2020, domestic tourism spend was $7.6 billion – an increase of more than $1.5 billion dollars incrementally on 2019. Across the regions, the year-on-year domestic spend increased across the board, ranging from a solid 13% increase in Rotorua, to a whopping 109% increase in Fiordland. All because we asked Kiwis to Do Something New.