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Product / ServiceFASHION
CategoryB01. Brand & Communications Design
Idea Creation OGILVY TAIWAN Taipei City, TAIWAN


Name Company Position
Reed Collins Ogilvy Hong Kong Regional Chief Creative Officer
Giant Kung Ogilvy Taiwan Chief Creative Officer
Stratos Efstathiou Ogilvy Hong Kong Associate Creative Director
Soenar Santoso Ogilvy Hong Kong Senior Art Director
Dora Tsao Ogilvy Taiwan Creative Group Head
Harper Chuang Ogilvy Taiwan Copywriter
Ria Chien Ogilvy Taiwan Copywriter
Grace Chien Ogilvy Taiwan Copywriter
Zelda Chuang Ogilvy Taiwan Copywriter
Tung Wang Ogilvy Taiwan Copywriter
Alice Lin Ogilvy Taiwan Art Director
Shao Shao Ogilvy Taiwan Art Director
Shaoan Wang Ogilvy Taiwan Art Director
Casper Ho Ogilvy Taiwan Designer
Tony Yang Ogilvy Taiwan Designer
Boga Hong Ogilvy Taiwan Designer
Jeffrey Wu Ogilvy Taiwan Interactive Creative Director
Dorthan Pan Ogilvy Taiwan Interactive Creative Director
Cyan Weng Ogilvy Taiwan Content Director
RingeCH Chen Ogilvy Taiwan Engineering Manager
Zoe Chuang Ogilvy Taiwan General Manager
Sylvia Chang Ogilvy Taiwan Account Director
Sharney Chiang Ogilvy Taiwan Account Manager
Liping Shih Ogilvy Taiwan Account Manager
Irene Chao Ogilvy Taiwan Account Executive
Hilary You Ogilvy Taiwan Account Executive
Freya Chen Ogilvy Taiwan Account Executive
Jen Jen Ogilvy Taiwan Account Executive
Fupei Wang Ogilvy Taiwan Managing Director
Milly Lin Ogilvy Taiwan Account Director
Candy Wang Ogilvy Taiwan Office Communication Director
Cathy Peng Ogilvy Taiwan Account Manager
Tina Lien Ogilvy Taiwan Senior Account Executive
Jen Hong Ogilvy Taiwan Associate Account Executive
Angus Chiang ANGUS CHIANG Product Designer
Lin Zhong zhonglin_ Director Of Photography

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Who says boys can’t wear skirts? Even though Taiwan seems to be a country that respects gender equality, quite a lot of bias still exists on school campuses. When it comes to the most basic issue of clothing, for example, girls are required to wear skirts, and boys are required to wear pants. In 2019, the students of Banqiao Senior High School decided to speak out, starting with the issue of clothes. During the school’s anniversary celebration, they called on their peers and teachers to wear skirts. It caused a storm of controversy across Taiwan. Voices respecting diversity should not be silenced. So Vogue Magazine joined forces with acclaimed fashion designer Angus Chiang, to design the UNI-FORM, a gender-free line of uniforms for girls and boys alike, transforming the students’ courage from a one-off event into a full-blown campus fashion.

Tell the jury about the art direction.

Every item in this line of school uniforms remains true to the spirit of freedom and openness to change. When it came to the school badges on the uniforms, we referenced the common habit among students of filling in the empty parts in English letters with colored pens, and we redesigned the school badges in brightly colored patterns, adding other elements, like spontaneously pieced-together color blocks and the grid lines for writing Chinese characters found in exercise books. Then we unveiled it to the world, with a launch event during Taipei Fashion Week, a presence in Vogue’s online shop, and an official Instagram account. And we designed a lookbook and official website in the style of Taiwanese homework books.


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