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Product / ServiceBRAND DESIGN
CategoryB01. Brand & Communications Design
Idea Creation SENSETEAM Shenzhen, CHINA


Name Company Position
Yiyang Hei SenseTeam ShenZhen
Yiwan Chen SenseTeam Graphic Designers
Chaoqi Xian SenseTeam Graphic Designers
Shaobo Wang SenseTeam Graphic Designers
Ran Gao SenseTeam Graphic Designers
Ziyu Fang SenseTeam Graphic Designers
Hehua Zhao SenseTeam Graphic Designers
Biao He SenseTeam Graphic Designers
Senyu Yang SenseTeam Graphic Designers
Ziyu Fang SenseTeam Web Design
Guangyuan Zhao SenseTeam Video Editing
Yanping Liao SenseTeam Video Editing
Wantong Zhao SenseTeam Video Editing
Junwei Li SenseTeam Video Editing
Lixian Zhou SenseTeam Video Editing
Zhijuan Huang SenseTeam Copy Writer
Jingjing Lin SenseTeam Copy Writer

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Shenzhen is a young, stylish, international city. Shenzhen walks in the forefront of the original brand of Chinese clothing, leading the fashion trend. We apply he modem medium and dissemination way to benefit brand building. It fits in with the soul of city. Shenzhen Fashion Week will reach the height of the world's four major fashion week.

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In Modern media age, we establish brand image in a dynamic way. We extract the first letter SZFW to represent the Walking Model, and creat Model Font. We provid a full range of brand services for Shenzhen Fashion Week and designed a comprehensive brand visual management system that covers basic visual, video, website, prints, identification visual and environmental visual. The visual management system compiles and consolidates information, unifies main tones and styles, manages a series of materials, therefore to faithfully present brand strategy and personalities.

Tell the jury about the art direction.

Yiyang Hei, founder and creative director of SenseTeam, member of International Graphic Design Alliance (AGI). His work involves brand promotion, art curation, space design and cultural publishing. He is one of the most active cultural exchange pioneers in China today. He designed 26 exclusive letters, numbers and commonly used punctuation marks for Shenzhen Fashion Week. The font is tall, slender, elegant and beautiful, which looks like a model. The font set is inspired from logo design and can be independently applied into the overall image system.