CategoryE03. Print & Publishing
EntrantTENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Idea Creation TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Media Placement TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Production TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Production 2 ZHENG&CO. Guangzhou, CHINA


Name Company Position
Vincent Li Tencent General Manager
Akae Wang Tencent Executive Creative Director
Zita Zou Tencent Copywriter
Akae Wang Tencent Copywriter
Ken Lin Tencent Art Director
Sonja Xu Tencent Assistant Art Director
Hunter Zhang Tencent Project Director
Nichole Yu Tencent Project Manager
Yolanda Zheng ZHENG&CO. Creative Director
Jasmine Zhu ZHENG&CO. Art Director
Amber Fang ZHENG&CO. Account Director

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The sensation of pain is an alarm signal sent through our body. Nevertheless, to live in a stressful, fast-paced world today, it seems quite common for many to endure and ignore their pain, until it develops and becomes insufferable, eventually leaving people with traces of pain.What we try to feature in our stories is the visual symbol of pain – scars. Tencent Medipedia is Tencent's online medical-information platform that offers professional and educational content for the public. Based on the true cases from the platform, we hope to tell the stories behind people’s scars, and reveal their silent fight against diseases. These scar stories are great examples of how advances in medical technology are making incisions smaller and help people heal better. More importantly, we want to emphasize that If people became more aware of their pain, they might save themselves from having scars.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any text.

Headline: LUCKU CHARM Body copy: The ugliest part of grandpa’s face is actually his lucky charm. It is a scar left from the war around 70 years ago. Thanks to his comrade who got him to his feet, grandpa survived the battle. 20 years ago, the scar suddenly became crooked. We went to see the doctor and found out that a mouth tumor in the parotid gland had dragged his scar askew. “Thank god we found it early.” They were able to remove the tumor, and grandpa has lived decades longer than expected. Watching the military parade celebrating the victory in the War of Resistance, grandpa reminisced about his comrades who did not survive. He touched the scar on his face and said, “This lucky charm is a gift from my brothers.”