Product / ServiceDONATION DOLLAR
CategoryB02. Outdoor
Idea Creation SAATCHI & SAATCHI Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement UM Canberra, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Mike Spirkovski Saatchi & Saatchi Chief Creative Officer
Simon Bagnasco Saatchi & Saatchi Executive Creative Director
Lee Sunter Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Director
Adam Ferrie Saatchi & Saatchi Senior Creative/Copywriter
Peter Cvetkovski Saatchi & Saatchi Senior Creative/Art Director
Matt Alpass Saatchi & Saatchi Head of Design
Alice De Saulles Saatchi & Saatchi Designer
Juliet Symes Saatchi & Saatchi Finished Artist
Lucy Trengove Saatchi & Saatchi Executive Producer
Zena Bartlett Saatchi & Saatchi Producer
Nick Baum Saatchi & Saatchi Senior Digital Producer
Jarryd Hood Saatchi & Saatchi Digital Designer
Fei Wang Saatchi & Saatchi Head of Content
Heather McKean Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Content Producer
Jack Gilbert Saatchi & Saatchi Strategist
Leah Williams Saatchi & Saatchi Group Account Director
James Cameron Saatchi & Saatchi Account Director
Jobe MacShane Saatchi & Saatchi Account Executive
Rebecca Robertson Saatchi & Saatchi New Business Director
Alex Speakman Saatchi & Saatchi Executive Strategy Director
Mark Cochrane Saatchi & Saatchi Managing Director
Rob Tolan Herd MSL PR & Earned Media Lead
Stephanie Banno Herd MSL PR Strategy & Account Director
Skye Lambley Herd MSL Group Managing Director
Mark Cartwright The Royal Australian Mint General Manager, Marketing, Sales & Innovation
Frederica Heacock The Royal Australian Mint Project Manager
Nicolle Keyes The Royal Australian Mint Marketing & Communications Manager

Cultural / Context information for the jury

With over 25 million coins minted (one for every Australian) and released into circulation, the Donation Dollar is in itself a piece of outdoor, resulting in over 25 million individual billboards in the hands of every Australian – inspiring the holder to donate it to a cause, a charity or those in need. The release of Donation Dollar into official circulation was supported by an extensive OOH campaign, featuring posters, and billboards designed to introduce the coin to the Australian market.

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Right now a little goes a long way. If we all donated just one Donation Dollar a month, we’d raise an additional $300 million a year, for those who need it most. #donationdollar Millions of reminders to give. #donationdollar A single dollar goes a long way. #donationdollar Find me. Donate me. #donationdollar Small coin. Big impact. #donationdollar Made to make a difference. When you find one in your change, you can help make a big difference by donating it to a cause, a charity or those in need. #donationdollar Find me. Donate me. If we all donated just one Donation Dollar a month, we’d raise an additional $300 million a year, for those who need it most. #donationdollar

Tell the jury about the art direction.

The suite of Donation Dollar outdoor posters and billboards were specifically designed to not only introduce the new Australian, world-first $1 coin, but to also help communicate the impact even a seeming small donation can have in the lives of those who need it most. In each execution, the coin itself was the hero, with the words ‘Donation Dollar’, ‘Give to help others’ clearly visible to the audience. The golden ‘ripples of impact’ featured on the coin were used as a visual device, extending out beyond the coin as a symbol of the ongoing impact each coin and each donation can have the lives of Australians in need. They also served as a device to draw the eye to the headline and supporting text. The striking coin visual was set against a dark blue gradient background, consistent throughout the entire suite of campaign assets.

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