Product / ServiceLIFULL
CategoryB04. Packaging Design
EntrantPEAK Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation LIFULL Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company PEAK Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kohei Kawasaki LIFULL Executive Officer / Chief Creative Officer
Takaya Masuda LIFULL Art Director
Yongbom Seo PEAK Inc. President
Toru Kayama PEAK Inc. Project Manager
Mai Kaneda Freelance Copy Writer
Akihiro Kuwahara LIFULL Designer
Yoko Mori LIFULL Designer
Mikiko Goto LIFULL Designer
Riku Yakushijin Freelance Chef
Shiho Sakamoto Freelance Chef
Hisaya Kato ELNIDO Creative Producer
Saho Yamaoka LIFULL PR Director
Shoko Nojiri LIFULL PR Director
Maki Horiuchi LIFULL PR Director
Megumi Sakamoto PEAK Inc. PR Director
Akira Yoshino One Story PR Planner
Hirokatsu Goto One Story PR Planner
Hiroshi Maruyama ALLBLUE PR Planner
Yohei Ohno ALLBLUE PR Planner
Takahiro Natsukuri tko Event Producer
Yasunori Shioda tko Event Producer
Kurumi Furuno AOI Pro. Event Production assistant
Satoshi Funakoshi Uoo Event Production Designer
Kyoichi Shibukawa HOEDOWN Film Producer
Kurando Furuya HOEDOWN Film Director
Daiju Yoshida HOEDOWN Film Production Manager
Koichi Takagi HOEDOWN Director of Photography
Satoshi Ueno LIFULL Frontend Engineer

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Bamboo has been essential material for the lives of Japanese. On the other hand, bamboo is facing a decline in demand, and now the bamboo forests are being abandoned. What has this brought? Destruction and disaster to the eco-system. For the SDGs, LIFULL, a leading real estate information company in Japan, brought a solution to this issue. “Bamboo Sweets” is the world’s first series of sustainable sweets made of abandoned bamboo. LIFULL collaborated with bamboo producers, researchers and chefs, to develop a sustainable eco-system supporting production of the new idea. LIFULL offered the eating experience at its own restaurant, as well as through online and offline stores. As a result, 300 thousand of abandoned trees have been consumed and 6000 square meters of the natural environment has been conserved. Profit earned from the project is returned to the collaborators to fund continued and expanded efforts for this challenge.

Tell the jury about the art direction.

The audience for this communication is those who want to incorporate social contributions into their lifestyle. In order to attract their interest, we properly communicated the actual situation of the bamboo damage problem. We have also developed a sophisticated design that makes them want to convey their contribution to others. The strong focus was not only environmental preservation, but also the gastronomic quality which was highly appreciated and gained extensive coverage in lifestyle media.

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