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Name Company Position
Melvin J. Montalban PHOTOPLAY / PLAYTIME Director
Oliver Lawrance PHOTOPLAY / PLAYTIME Executive Producer
Tom Slater PHOTOPLAY / PLAYTIME Producer
Tania Lambert ACS Freelance DOP
Emma White Freelance Production Designer
Mattias Bolla Freelance Editor
Johnny Higgins Freelance Composer
Stevie Ray McGregor's Casting Casting Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The film encourages Australians to write to their local member of parliament urging them to support the new Climate Change Act, legislation essential to meaningful climate change action and is part of a wider campaign which aims to assist independent MP, Zali Steggall, in introducing her Climate Change Bill to parliament. The campaign launched in tandem with Global Climate Change Week 2020 across socials.

Provide the full film script in English.

LETTERS A Climate Change Act short film 17 FEB 2020 (numbered scenes) 1 INT. CAR - DAY 1 MATILDA (9 years old, a bright, sun-kissed freckled Aussie) and her younger brother DYLAN (7, goofy and curious) are travelling in the back seat of their family car. Matilda is clutching a 2-way radio, keeping it a distance from a whinging Dylan. She tries to make out the view out her window, but visibility is poor, the air thick with smoke and the sky an orange glow. MUM (late 30s, strong and grounded, but tired) glares from the driver’s seat. MUM Matilda-bean, I need you to give it back to your brother. MATILDA But he took my, oh he’s creasing it mum! Dylan’s grip on the envelope tightens, his small fist wrinkling it more. MUM Are you serious guys? You both have what the other wants. Just swap. Swap them. Swap! CUT TO moments later. Dylan is happily holding his radio, and Matilda is ironing out the creases of the envelope with her hand. Ahh, peace again. CAR RADIO (low level) ... recounting their experiences has been difficult, but an important step... Mum turns the radio back up. CAR RADIO (CONT'D) (man’s voice) We were just heading to the beach, and the sky got darker. (woman’s voice) Columns of smoke, all around us. We didn’t know which fire would head our way. Could have been any of them. The radio continues to narrate, as Matilda stares out the window. 2. INT. CAR, PETROL STATION 2 - MOMENTS LATER 2 MATILDA and DYLAN rock side to side as the car dips and clunks, pulls into a petrol station. MUM turns the car off but leaves the radio going. She grabs a respirator mask from the dash board, puts it on, steps out. CAR RADIO (different woman) The whole drive, along the beaches, cars everywhere, some had set up camp. (man’s voice) The evacuation centre was just too full-on. We came down here, bit more room. We’ve got plenty of water. Matilda notices Mum is now talking to someone else at the pump, but their conversation is muffled. Mum walks off toward the store. CAR RADIO (CONT'D) (man’s voice) I was in the supermarket, just finished up paying, and the power went. Blackout. (woman’s voice) Everyone just had to put their bags down and leave. I didn’t manage to get any supplies. Moments later, Mum climbs back in, turns to the backseat. MUM Dylly, here you go, batteries. Dylan gleefully takes them and reloads his radio. MUM (CONT'D) (to Matilda) Looks like we can’t fill up, power’s out. Change of plans Bean, we can’t go to Aunty June’s today. MATILDA Can we still... (holds up envelop) MUM Definitely. We just gotta run Nanna some water first. 3. They zoom off. INT. 3 CAR, DRIVEWAY - DAY 3 MATILDA turns toward the boot of the car. She watches MUM outside, wearing her dust mask, pulling a large 10L jug of water from the boot. CUT TO a few minutes later, Mum climbs back in. MUM Nanna says sorry she can’t come out to say hi, the air. But she says hello, loves you. Matilda smiles sweetly. 4 INT. CAR - DAY 4 On the road again. The sound of approaching SIRENS. CAR RADIO (woman’s voice) I didn’t know if my brother had evacuated yet. The phone’s were still down. MUM checks her rearview mirror, pulls the car over. They wait, as a firetruck, sirens and lights blaring, whizzes past. Then a second truck, NNEEAAARRGH-HOOONNNK. A third truck, a fourth, HOOONNNNKKK. MATILDA and DYLAN watches in silence as the trucks hurtle past, one by one. Mum pretends everything is fine, it’s a regular occurrence after all. 5 INT. CAR, STREET - DAY 5 MUM pulls the car over and turns to MATILDA. MUM Ok we’re here. Got your mask? A BEEP from her phone. MUM (CONT'D) Hang on, the internet is back on. We can just email it now. 4. MATILDA No! I want to post it! MUM You sure? You still want to go out there? MATILDA I want to do it. Matilda grabs the respirator mask hanging from the back of the passenger’s seat. She then clambers into the front, so that Mum can help her put the mask on. MUM Alright bean. Shall I come with you? MATILDA No you stay and watch Dylly. Mum smiles. She watches Matilda step outside, and walk toward the vague shape of the post box, obscured by the smoke haze. She is both scared and proud. 6 EXT. FOOTPATH - DAY 6 Matilda approaches the post box as the WIND PICKS UP, dust everywhere. Envelope in one hand, 2-way radio in the other. MUM (O.S.) (over 2-way radio) Doing great hon. But need to hustle. MATILDA (into radio) Almost there. Cut to car interior, as Mum looks up at the sky in the distance, a large orange dust cloud approaches. Behind her, Dylan is reaching out, wanting his 2-way radio back. Back outside, Matilda pulls down the post box flap, drops in the letters. Matilda runs back to the car, as we look up to see the dust cloud almost upon them. SUPER: Climate Changes Everything. 5. INT. 7 CAR - MOMENTS LATER 7 Matilda clambers back into the backseat, short of breath. MUM reaches out, squeezes her hand. SUPER: Send a message, call for action. The car is then engulfed in dust, debris of litter and leaves flicking across the car windows. Everything goes dark, only the blue headlight beams can be seen beyond the hood. SUPER: Write a personalised letter to your MP, and urge them to support the Climate Change Act. Mum turns to Matilda and Dylan. MUM Sing-a-long while we wait?! The kids smile and cheer as mum switches to a happy pop song on the radio. FADE TO BLACK. SUPER: Visit www.ClimateChangesEverything.com.au for letter writing tips, talking points and your MPs address.