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Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Regional Chief Creative Officer, Greater China
Lion Tsai ADK TAIWAN Executive Creative Director
Apple Wang ADK TAIWAN Creative Director
Ennis Chen ADK TAIWAN Senior Copywriter
Janet Chen ADK TAIWAN Senior Art Director
Barney Lin ADK TAIWAN Senior Art Director
Arial Yu ADK TAIWAN Group Account Director
Joy Wang ADK TAIWAN Account Manager
Paul Huang ADK TAIWAN Senior Account Executive
Toyota Shao ADK TAIWAN Agency Producer
Ging Zim Lo Innovate Films Director
Annie Lo None Composer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

First, viewers can select different films, based on their own ways of eating noodles. In the “House of Little Moments” noodle shop, every customer has his/her way of eating noodles. The noodle shop owner loves to observe and analyze people, summarizing that five different ways of eating noodles represent five different personalities. These customers have different personalities and also have different life stories. The owner not just listens to their stories, but also gives them responses, serving them Uni Noodle creative fusion dishes echoed with their moods. Once again, Uni Noodle comforts everyone's heart with its classic flavorful stories.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Taiwanese loves to take psychological tests. For example, astrology, blood type, the way to wear shoes, even what color or pattern you would like to choose, there are tons of psychological tests surrounding Taiwanese people. So, based on that, we come up with an idea that different ways of eating noodles represent different personalities and as a result, “House of Little Moments” season 4, “You Are How You Slurp” shows up. It turns watching advertisements into a personality test, successfully attracting viewers to click and watch films and increases the interaction between the brand and the viewers.

Provide the full film script in English.

EP3【Gobbling Up】 [Title sequence] [Super] You Are How You Slurp With a same shot and a same angle (people sitting in the same seat) under various light source, shoot dozens of people eating noodles in different ways. (Editing with quickly jump cuts.) Then the jumping cuts stop with a "ding" sound, stay at the shot of the protagonist of the story, seeing him/her eating noodles in his/her unique way. [Super] Gobbling Up The title showed up along with the protagonist's close-up shot. [Scene 1] Noodle Shop At noon, a middle-aged man wearing sporty style, running shoes and a vest from a small courier company walked into the noodle shop and hurriedly ordered a meal before putting down his backpack. [Dialogue] Mr. Swish: Hey Boss, I’ll have the fastest dish you could whip up. [Dialogue] Owner: Coming right up. The shot track the busy noodle shop owner, who started to narrative about the protagonist. The protagonist, Mr. Swish went to take a glass of water, returned to his seat, took the chopsticks, and waited for the owner to serve the food. [Dialogue] Owner’s V.O. : For those who gobble up I’ve noticed are often the impatient ones. The owner quickly served a plate of fried noodles to Mr. Swish. [Dialogue] Owner: Mr. Swish, is a nickname given to this gentleman for the way he zips in and out. [Dialogue] Mr. Swish: Thanks. [Dialogue] Owner’s V.O. : But whether there’s a Swish in his actual name. No one ever knows. Mr. Swish forthrightly picked up a large large portion of the food with chopstick, almost three times as long as a normal portion, sucking the noodles into his mouth in one breath, quickly finishing the whole plate of noodles at once. Mr. Swish put the money on the table and said good-bye to the owner. [Dialogue] Mr. Swish: Boss, here’s the payment Mr. Swish grabbed the key on the table and walked out. The owner quickly popped his head out and said: "Thank you for coming!" But Mr. Swish already left. [Dialogue] Owner: Thank you for coming. [Scene 2] Mr. Swish’s working scene [Dialogue] Owner’s V.O. : Mr. Swish is known to ride like the wind. Mr Swish was at work, did a agile job. He quickly delivered the goods, and then rode away soon without stopping for a second or any messy. [Dialogue] Owner’s V.O. : As he has never stayed at one place for more than 5 minutes. [Scene jump back to the noodle shop] Another time in the noodle shop, the noodle shop was full. The owner had just served the food to Mr. Swish. At this time, a guest walked in and looked for a seat to have lunch. [Dialogue] Guest: Hey Boss, any table? The owner glanced at Mr. Swish, who just picked up the bowl and sucked the noodles. [Dialogue] Owner: Mind waiting for just 5 minutes? The owner has just done the talking, Mr. Swish has stood up instantly and smiled radiantly. He finished his meal quickly and gave way to other guests. [Dialogue] Mr. Swish: You can take mine. [Dialogue] Guest: Thank you. [Scene 3] Mr. Swish with his daughter in the noodle shop The owner prepared and cooked the food as usual in the kitchen, started to narrative the story of Mr. Swish and his daughter. [Dialogue] Owner’s V.O. : Except on the second Sunday of every month will Mr. Swish come to a standstill. [Insert the theme song of the series film] Mr. Swish is wearing different clothes than usual, with a simple shirt and suit pants that are formal but difficult to move around. Opposite him is a little girl of elementary school student who is talking nonstop about what happened in school. [Dialogue] Daughter: I was still not done with my drawing when it was time to go to school. And teacher said we could finish in our own time. So I wanted to round up those who haven’t finished theirs to do it together. The little girl paused the dialogue, pretending to be mysterious and asked Mr. Swish. [Dialogue] Daughter: Guess what? Because some of them needed to go for English tuition so only left with MinJun and me. Mr. Swish gently watched the little girl talk, and suddenly the little girl gave a peek at the owner while she was talking. The the little girl suddenly lowered her voice and whispered to Mr. Swish. [Dialogue] Daughter: Dad, don’t you think that the chef here cooks really slow? Although the little girl had whispered in a very small volume, the owner still heard her adorable question. The owner snickered, but did not stop his cooking. He still shredded carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and fungus slowly. Shred the egg skin, shred the meat, shred the onion... slowly prepare the stir-fry ingredients, and hear the conversation between the father and daughter not far away at the same time. Mr Swish's deliberately low voice talking to his little girl. [Dialogue] Mr. Swish: But it’s super yummy [Dialogue] Daughter: That’s true [Dialogue] Mr. Swish: Finish your story. What happened with MInJun? [Dialogue] Daughter: MinJun would ruin my drawing as always [Slow motion] Shooting the interaction between the father and daughter and also the cooking process scene with slow-motion effect. The owner waited for the water in the pot to boil, soaking the noodles softly, meanwhile watching the lovely interaction between the father and the daughter. And then starting pan-frying with the ingredients which are not easy fully cooked, and last adding the noodles for quick fry. The owner served two plates of fried instant noodles, and the size of the plates were according to the portion of the food as well as the adult and the kid. The owner introduced his special menu. At the same time, reminded the little girl to be careful, don't burn the mouth. [Dialogue] Owner: Take Your Time to Fry Noodles. [Close-up] Close-up of the new creative dish. Two plates of yummy fried noodles, one in big plate and one in small plate. [Super] House of Little Moments - “Take Your Time to Fry Noodles” [Dialogue] Daughter: Thank you. [Dialogue] Owner: It’s piping hot. Do take your time. [Dialogue] Daughter: Ok. The little girl looked at the special menu dish in surprise, picked up the fork and took a bite of noodles, the noodle was piping-hot with smoke. She was blowing carefully, Mr. Swish always watched her with a loving and fatherly smile, the father and daughter were full of adorable interaction. The owner went back to the counter and watched this scene, starting to narrative. [Dialogue] Owner’s V.O. : For those who wolf down their noodles are the ones who have their priorities set right. They will be efficient with their tasks on hand. But when with the ones who matter, even time will stand still for the one they called “Swish”. [End Scene] Slogan super showed up. [Super] Flavoured by Moods. Uni Noodle.

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