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Thor Santisiri GREYnJ United Chairman
Kanaporn Hutcheson GREYnJ United Chief Executive Officer
Jureeporn Thaidumrong GREYnJ United Chief Creative Officer
Asawin Phanichwatana GREYnJ United Deputy Chief Creative Officer
Thipayachand Hasdin GREYnJ United Chief Operating Officer
Kanokkorn Seehapan GREYnJ United General Manager
Asawin Phanichwatana GREYnJ United Creative Director
Jesse Wong GREYnJ United Creative Director
Pheraphas Jongphatcharanan GREYnJ United Art Director
Jesse Wong GREYnJ United Copywriter
Pandarie Somjit GREYnJ United Copywriter
Natthinee Ruengves GREYnJ United Copywriter
Vorawan Kaewket GREYnJ United Group Account Director
Pitimon Protien GREYnJ United Account Manager
Jongkoch Dusittanakarin GREYnJ United Associate Planning Director
Kanoksak Kanchanachutha GREYnJ United Project Management Director
Juthamas Tantated GREYnJ United Senior Traffic Coordinator
RATTIYA NUTIENG Happy Ending Film Assistant Director
NIRAMON ROSS Happy Ending Film Cinematographer
BHERADOL AMARIN Happy Ending Film Editor
SASICHA KANJANUMPA Happy Ending Film Production Manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

6 time distillation is better. For vodka. And for posting something on social media. Because in the heat of the moment, undistllled posts can cause unnecessary drama. As a girl finds out in this short entertaining film how 6 times distillation can resolve conflict, keeping her precious friendship intact with harmony and understanding. p.s. To go along with the 6 times distillation message, the film is 6 minutes long. Enjoy.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In Thailand, a heavily Buddhist country, all alcohol advertising is highly regulated with very strict guidelines. Brands cannot communicate overtly the superiority of the product or come off as 'promoting drinking'. Kulov Vodka is smooth and superior for its 6 times distillation process. To say this, the strategy is to tie the message in with a problem that everyone can easily relate to: undistllled emotional posts on social media. Because we've all experienced impulsive posts (initiated by ourselves or others) that can cause unnecessary drama. Before you post something emotional, distilling your thoughts (6 times) will make sure conflicts can be easily avoided. The film ingeniously blends together the superiority of the product and a positive social message.

Provide the full film script in English.

Title: 6 Takes Of Drama - Full Script - Super on split screen (Kulov logo on left, super on right): KULOV presents 6 TAKES OF DRAMA (At a party in a small room. The party crowd starts chanting the band’s name) Crowd chanting band’s name: Lomo… Lomo… Lomo… (on one side there’s a girl sitting alone on floor, looking sad. People standing around her. Lomo band comes on. The singer starts shouting out to the crowd) Lomo lead singer: Those who are angry, give me some noise! Those who care about our feelings, let’s hear it! If you don’t like me, say it to my face. Don’t keep it to yourself. Time to… … wake up! (Lomo band starts singing) (Singing lyrics): The day I’m awaken The day I’m risen No more losing No more giving away my heart… (Girl sitting on floor is on left side of screen. Girl is called Potaya. She takes out her phone, holding it up almost sacredly to the beat of the song) (on right screen: clapper board comes in: Take 1) (A smiling girl in glasses appear on right screen.) (Potaya on left looks upset, as the image on right screen cut to her phone, she starts typing.) Potaya (typing and thinking to herself): [Benz, you’re such a bully. Pretending you’re innocent. Pretend to be good.] [You think you can get away with it. #CurtainMyAss] Potaya (talking out loud): Eh… Is this too harsh? Am I overreacting? We’ve been friends forever… (On the right screen there’s a photo of Potaya and the girl in glasses – called Benz. Both of them looking happy and holding up the V sign.) (Girl in glasses, Benz - Potaya’s friend, appear on right screen holding a swim buoy ring) Benz: In 4th grade I saved you from drowning, remember? (right screen cut back to Potaya, deleting what she typed in the post) Potaya: Yeah… we have a beautiful friendship, But I still want to scold you… (on right screen, a photo of Potaya and friend Benz is lit on fire) Potaya: Okay not mention name then. (right screen: clapper board comes in: Take 2) (Potaya starts typing and thinking): [You flat skinny chopstick, before you call anyone curtain, go eat first] (Benz on right screen, reading from her phone out loud) Benz: Oh Potaya on Twitter treend (right screen is a shot of Benz’s Twitter account) Trends in Thailand [#AntiPotaya] [#Bodyshaming] [#BoycottPotaya] Potaya (re-reading what she typed in her post): Hold on. Flat… Skinny… Chopstick… so body shaming, why am I so bad. (Potaya deletes what she wrote) (Benz appears on left screen, looking all smiley and innocent) Potaya: Tough… hmm Let’s reveal the dark side of Benz then. (Smiley Benz walks off screen, a dark evil eye Benz appear in the background) (right screen: clapper board comes in: Take 3) Potaya (starts typing): [Benz, the world needs to know you like dog food for snacks] (left screen: Potaya with an evil smile as she types) (right screen: Benz holding a huge bag of dog food and takes some out to eat) Benz (holding out some dog food to camera): Delicious, want some? (left screen: Potaya putting on eyeglasses to read what she wrote) Potaya: Hmm it’s too personal, nothing to do with this at all. If she likes, it’s her right. (Benz keeps holding out a handful of dog food while chewing) (Potaya deletes what she wrote again) (Benz keeps eating and enjoying the dog food) Potaya: Or should I make it philosophical. High level of sarcasm. (right screen: clapper board comes in: Take 4) Potaya (starts typing): [The worst crime is always disguised in laughter] (Potaya looking very happy with what she just wrote, with a sly smile) Potaya: Best sarcasm ever. No pinpointing. Yet very hurtful. Intellectual and poetic. (Potaya hits ‘Post’, puts her phone down, eats some snack and keeps smiling to herself) (on right screen, her social post gradually zoom out into a galaxy background) (on left screen, Potaya’s phone rings) Potaya: Nosy about my post, huh? (Potaya looks at the caller and picks it up) Potaya: Boom, what’s up? (on right screen, her friend called Boom, who’s on the other line) Boom: Saw your status. (right screen cut to Potaya’s sarcastic post from moments ago) Potaya: Cool right? (right screen cut back to Boom, not smiling, looking a bit angry) Boom: You blaming me? I just comment on your writing. Now you call me disguised criminal. (left screen: Potaya getting nervous… they start talking over each other as Potaya tries to explain but Boom keeps complaining) Potaya: No, no. It’s not you. Boom: I comment because I care. Potaya: No, it’s not… Boom: Why post? Say it to my face. Potaya: Okay, deleting. (right screen cut to Potaya deleting her post) (left screen Potaya looking sad again) (right screen: clapper board comes in: Take 5) (right screen cut to a pure and good Potaya dressed in white, giving herself some words of wisdom) ‘Good’ Potaya: Indirect sarcasm is a sin. (Potaya starts typing on post mindlessly) Potaya (typing on phone): [Ugh… sad] (Potaya coming to her senses… as she talks to her good self on right screen) Potaya: Yeah… something like this… So pointless. ‘Good’ Potaya: Be kind to all mankind (Potaya deletes what she typed) (right screen: Benz comes in with clapperboard: Take 6) (in the background, the band continues singing) (singing lyrics): No more losing No more giving away my heart Light up the sky No looking back (Potaya starts typing a new post) Potaya (typing and thinking): [Benz, I really want to tell you…] (on right screen, Benz is looking at her phone, as if waiting for Potaya to finish typing, her voice comes in) Benz: You can tell me anything. I’m always here for you. (Potaya deletes what she just wrote, the last character fly out from the screen as she deletes) (the band singing the song in the background is in its climax chorus) (Song lyrics): Rise up Rise up Rise up Rise up… (on right screen on Potaya’s post, the words ‘Rise up’ keep typing itself repeatedly) (on left screen, Potaya finally gets up from the floor, she’s rising up) (Potaya stands up, and Benz is actually standing right next to her all this time. Benz is talking to another friend. Potaya starts talking to Benz, and Benz turns around) Potaya: Benz, I want to say I’m upset you called me godmother of curtain. (on right screen, Potaya’s words as she speaks, starts typing out in her new post) Potaya: You may like it. But I don’t. Don’t like it at all. (right screen, cut to Benz looking shocked, then she turns her head) (As Benz head turns, she directs the camera view to the curtain in the room) (left screen: see the curtain in room) (right screen: Benz post: a photo of Potaya posing in front of the curtain, her dress is exactly the same pattern as the curtain. In the post Benz wrote…) (Benz’s post caption): [Long live godmother of curtain hahaha] (left screen, camera view swings back to where Potaya and Benz are standing) (left screen, cut to close up of unhappy Potaya) (right screen, cut to close up of shocked Benz with wide eyes) (Benz starts talking, trying to comfort Potaya) Benz: Come on! I called you that since we were young and we always laughed about it. (left screen, Potaya is still looking upset, she thinks in her head) (right screen, cut to Potaya post, the words type out as Potaya’s thoughts continue in her head) (Potaya thinking): [Give you one more chance] [or I’m gonna rip you apart in the next post.] (right screen Benz keeps explaining) Benz: Don’t be silly. You can tell me directly, no need to be sarcastic in your post. (Potaya thinking continues, post typing continues on right screen): [Still talking like this?] [You last chance…] (Potaya face unchanged, Benz starting to look sorry now) Benz: I’m very sorry. We’re so close sometimes I forget… Sorry and I love you. (left and right split screen on side profiles now as Potaya and Benz standing face to face) (Benz crosses over from right screen to left screen, she hugs Potaya) (left screen as they hug, Potaya starts smiling) (right screen, a hand comes in to delete the ‘godmother of curtain’ post) (song comes in loud again) (right screen, Benz post start fading into galaxy background…) (left screen, Lomo band lead singer comes into frame) Lomo singer: Yahh! Happy ending! (He turns to speak to camera in rock style) Lomo singer: Before doing something, think carefully. Better distill your thought for better society. (right screen, Benz post fades into galaxy and explodes) (left screen, clapperboard comes in, claps and cut to black) (on black screen) (Announcer voice over and super comes in) Announcer voiceover: 6 times distilled is better Kulov Water (a mock-up bottle of Kulov Water appear) (several voices in the background yell together…) Voices in background: No, we don’t have that! (clapperboard comes in: Take 2) Announcer voiceover: 6 times distilled is better Kulov Soda (a mock-up bottle of Kulov Soda appear) (several voices in the background yell together…) Voices in background: No, we don’t have that! (clapperboard comes in: Take 3) Announcer voiceover: 6 times distilled is better Kulov Vodka (a bottle of real Kulov vodka and logo appear) - The End -