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CategoryA02. Script
Idea Creation HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yusuke Kanda HAKUHODO Creative Director
Genta Ito HAKUHODO Kettle Creative Director
Yusuke Kanda HAKUHODO Scriptwriter
Kentaro Kimura HAKUHODO Kettle Executive Creative Director
Masanobu Hino HAKUHODO Kettle Agency Producer
Yoshinori Sasahara HAKUHODO Kettle Agency Producer
Shingo Gima Diamond SNAP Cinematographer
Tomokazu Tsukioka NEWS Lighting
Saori Kiriyama TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION Production Manager
Shizuru Kishinami TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION Production Manager
Yumiko Nagasaku Free Stylist
Ai Sugita Free Hair make
Futa Akashi STUD Editor
Shiki Adachi Omnibus Japan Sound Design Arrangement

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The series is the sequel of “10 sec. Drama: The Stop Line of Love (Episode 1–14)”. It takes an innovative form of 10 sec. commercial drama series promoting the varied product lineup of JMS, a Japanese car accessory and maintenance store, and aim to boost the awareness of JMS. The episodes were created in a soap opera style with a middle-aged man who has slid into a complicated love triangle with his subordinate, Sayo, his ex-wife, Michiko, and many others with the quick tempo of its progressing storyline in a 10-second per episode. Having cars and the quick development of the characters’ love relationships intertwined, the composition of the series was designed to make them “a watch-it-once-and-you’re-hooked” series.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Many people in Japan nowadays prefer stories with quick story development. That made us hit upon an innovative form of telling a love relationship drama with a quickly progressing storyline in a 10 second episode. The episodes depict “the quick development of a love relationship due to car maintenance” designed to fit in the composition so that even Japanese who get easily bored would be hooked and watch them all. The series succeeded in creating a growing fan base as new episodes rolled out. This was due to quick yet subtle changes in characters emotions that many Japanese can easily relate to, instead of dynamic story development often seen in the overseas dramas.

Provide the full film script in English.

[Ep15] Continuing from Ep14(The Boss was torn apart after his girlfriend Sayo was stolen by a young male colleague.) Sayo and her young male colleague, who are still going steady, are talking in a car parked at a funeral site. The man holds up a picture of the Boss and mumbles. Man: I can’t believe the boss is dead… They have serious expressions on their faces. Sayo asks the man to dispel her anxiety. Sayo: We aren’t…gonna be haunted…right? Then, they hear an eerie voice (the Boss's voice) that seems out of this world. Dead Boss: Sayo! They look back at the back seat of the car in surprise. And when they look forward in response to the sound of tapping on the windshield, they see an eerie white handprint on the glass. Sayo & Man: Eeeeeeeek!! A picture graphic appears with narration behind the two screaming people and the eerie handprint smudge on the windshield. VO: Car wash supplies, at JMS! [Ep16] SAYO and her boyfriend are talking to a woman who used to be the Boss's girlfriend (who appears in Ep4~) in a serious way about strange happenings at a diner late at night. The woman responds with mock laughter as the two talk seriously about psychic phenomena. Woman: Your boss is haunting you? That’s ridiculous. The man raises his voice in a serious manner. Man: But weird things are happening… The woman believes that they are imagining things and does not change her attitude. Woman: Isn’t that all in your head? Sayo can't endure the fear anymore and speaks to the woman in a strong tone. Sayo: The boss’ spirit is cursing us!! A ghostly man is standing beside Sayo and her boyfriend's car, which is parked at the diner. On the tires of the car, the ghost has scribbled the word "poop”. A picture graphic appears in the background with narration. VO: Tire replacement, at JMS! [Ep17] The man is hurrying a large package to his car in front of Sayo's apartment to escape the curse of the Boss. Man: We’re going to run! Sayo is looking at him worriedly. Sayo: Where!? The man is losing himself. Man: Far away!! Sayo seems to be cornered by the curse and fear of the Boss. Sayo: We’re not gonna make it… The man hugs her tightly to drive away the fear. Man: With you, we can drive anywhere. The ghostly the Boss mumbles to himself as he watches them. Dead Boss: Sayo… Their car starts to drive off for a long journey. A picture graphic appears with narration. VO: Improve fuel efficiency, at JMS! [Ep18] Sayo and the man are driving in a car with no destination. The interior of the car is filled with silence. Sayo can't stand the heavy atmosphere and speaks up. Sayo: Hey… why are you so quiet? The man replies with a serious expression. Man: Do you… feel like someone’s here? Sayo: That’s not funny… They don't realize it, but the ghost of the Boss is sitting in the back seat. Then the rear view monitor in the car shows Michiko chasing after the car. The Boss is so startled that he yells out. Dead Boss: Michiko!? They scream when they realize that the Boss, whom they thought was dead, is still there. Sayo & Man: Eeeeeeeek!! A picture graphic appears in the background with Michiko's image shown on the rear view monitor. VO: 2-camera drive recorders, at JMS! [Ep19] The Boss, who was pretending to be dead, is making excuses to Michiko about his shameful behavior. Boss: I guess… playing dead was a bit childish… Michiko sighs. The Boss talks about his unrequited love for Sayo with a serious expression on his face. Boss: But I really wanted to get Sayo’s attenti… Michiko doesn't listen to him at all, and slurps down a bowl of strong-smelling ramen. The Boss is stunned. Michiko continues to slurp her ramen, a picture graphic appears in the background with narration. VO: Cleverin odor removers, at JMS! [Ep20] After reflecting on everything and getting back to his normal routine, The Boss drives Yamane, one of his subordinate women, home from work. Yamane confesses her love to The Boss in front of her house. Yamane: I think I’m in love with you, boss. The Boss is surprised by the sudden confession from his subordinate. Boss: Yamane… Yamane: I don’t want to go home alone! The Boss follows his reason and tries to start the car. Boss: We can’t. I’m your boss and you work for me Then, the battery goes dead and the engine fails to start, and the Boss loses his reason. Boss: I need to stay at your place… The product graphic appears with narration in the background with a car that won't start. VO: Battery replacement, at JMS! [Ep21] The Boss and Yamane are talking in the car during their lunch break at work, when Yamane nervously asks the Boss a question. Yamane: How do you feel… about a new… The Boss, knowing what she means, deliberately plays dumb. Boss: Engine oil? Yamane: No, I’m talking about a girlfriend! As he hugged her, the Boss showed the maturity of an older man. Boss: I know. Sayo happens to see them hugging and gets a complicated look on her face. Sayo: Boss… A picture graphic appears with narration. VO: New oil, at JMS! [Ep22] The Boss proposes to Yamane in a romantic place with a beautiful night view. Boss: Let’s be together forever. Yamane runs up to the Boss with a happy expression on her face. Yamane: Boss… That’s a promise! The Boss opens the car door to give Yamane a bouquet of flowers as a gift. Boss: Close your eyes. I have a present for you. Then Michiko appears in the car, asleep in a sleeping bag. The Boss is surprised. Boss: Michiko! Michiko continues to sleep comfortably, a product graphic appears with narration. VO: Products for sleeping in cars, at JMS! [Ep23] Yamane is on the phone with the Boss, crying because she doubts the relationship between the Boss and Michiko. Yamane: I’m the only one? The Boss walks through the office at night, talking on the phone. Boss: All I see is you! Yamane: Come see me right now! Boss: Sure, let me hold you right… The Boss drives the car to Yamane's house, but the flat tire starts to lose air. Boss: Make that tomorrow. The Boss is stunned by the flat tire, a picture graphic appears with narration. VO: Flat tire warranty, at JMS! [Ep24] It's a cold winter day at the office. In the car, Sayo is giving advice to The Boss about Yamane. Sayo: You were right you didn’t go. Boss: What? Sayo: I think Yamane’s dangerous. The Boss, normally a mild-mannered man, is in a foul mood because of his girlfriend. Boss: Don’t be ridiculous. Sayo: Sorry, it’s just a woman’s intuition. When Sayo wipes the frosted window glass, Yamane appears staring at her from outside. Sayo screams out in terror. Sayo: Eeeeeeek! A picture graphic appears in the background with narration. VO: Anti-fog spray, at JMS! [Ep25] It's a snowy holiday afternoon and the Boss and Yamane are in the car talking about something. Yamane is crying and making excuses for her stalker-like behavior. Yamane: I was just worried about you, Boss... The Boss doesn't fully believe Yamane and answers her. Boss: I know. Yamane: Do you love me? Boss: Why not. Yamane blows her nose with a tissue and confirms the Boss's love. Yamane: Oh, good. And then Yamane casually tosses the tissue into the back seat with a happy expression on her face. The Boss looks on with a complicated expression on his face. The product graphic appears with narration. VO: Keep your car clean with JMS! [Ep26] It's a snowy night and the Boss is in the car telling Sayo about what happened with Yamane. Boss: I broke up with Yamane. The Boss confesses to Sayo that he can't give up his feelings of love for her. Boss: Sayo, I still love… Sayo interrupts the Boss and urges him to calm down. Sayo: Head back. The Boss tries to calm down and starts the car. Boss: Right. But the tires slip on the snow and the car won't start. The Boss makes a suggestion to Sayo while hiding his vulgar feelings. Boss: Book us a room? Sayo is dumbfounded by the helpless situation. The product graphic appears with narration. VO: Get chains, at JMS! [Ep27] A few days later, in the daytime, the Boss and Sayo, who are somehow dating again, are talking about their love for each other in the Boss's car. Sayo: I’ll never let you go. Boss: Me neither. The Boss wakes up when he gets a call on his smartphone. He looks at the display and recognizes that it is from Yamane, which upsets him. Boss: Yamane!? When the Boss looks outside the car, he sees Yamane staring at him while making a call. The Boss is surprised and rubs his eyes to see Yamane again, only to find out that it is not her but a rice bag. Boss: No, it’s just a rice bag. The Boss is relieved to see that he has misread her. The product graphic appears with narration. VO: Phone mounts, at JMS! [Ep28] The Boss and Sayo are going out happily on their day off. As they are walking in the underground carpark, they notice Michiko walking towards them. Boss: Michiko. Michiko pulls something out of her pocket and starts walking closer and closer towards them. Boss: Michiko!? The Boss and Sayo are scared, thinking that Michiko is going to stab them with a knife. Boss: Michiko!! Michiko presses the switch of the remote engine starter in her hand and starts the engine of her car. Michiko was just trying to get into her car. Boss: Michiko… They stood there dumbfounded, staring at Michiko as she drove away. The product graphic appears with narration. VO: Remote engine starters, at JMS!

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