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CategoryA02. Script
EntrantVMLY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation VMLY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Production VMLY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Post Production VMLY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Paul Nagy VMLY&R AUNZ Chief Creative Officer
Guido Pecego VMLY&R Brisbane Associate Creative Director
Chelsea Parks VMLY&R Brisbane Associate Creative Director
Jim McKeown VMLY&R Brisbane Creative Group Head
Phil Vale VMLY&R Brisbane Art Director
Josh Bartlett VMLY&R Brisbane Film Director
Griff Englander VMLY&R Brisbane Editor
Katie-May Hollett VMLY&R Brisbane Producer
John Shard VMLY&R Brisbane Studio Designer / Retoucher
Jesse Smith Jesse Smith Photography Photographer
Tash Kent VMLY&R Brisbane Account Manager
Adam Kennedy VMLY&R Brisbane Managing Director
Fiona Caird VMLY&R Brisbane General Manager
Ali Tilling VMLY&R Australia / NZ National Chief Strategy Officer
Tracy Fogarty Queensland Family & Child Commission Director | Office of the Commissioners
Bonni Guilfoyle Queensland Family & Child Commission Manager | Children and young people's perspectives
Anjulee Singh Queensland Family & Child Commission Senior Advisor | Office of the Commissioners

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

We watch a phone chat between a sexual predator pretending to be a teenager, and a real teenage girl. It shows how easily a relationship can go from strangers, to friends, to romance and finally the teenage victim passing the point of no return by sharing a sexually explicit image. Finally it’s revealed the phone chat is taking place inside a bear trap that snaps shut on the girl’s phone.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Sadly, this is a worldwide issue. For authenticity, the chat script referenced real police transcripts of conversations between online predators and police posing as teenagers. The scripts were further refined in co-creation sessions with teenagers. This added realism and natural, relatable language including intentional typos and poor grammar. For example, the acronyms below; - Wyd – What you doing? - Hbu – How ‘bout you?

Provide the full film script in English.

SUPER: THIS IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY. IT’S A TRANSCRIPT OF AN ONLINE PREDATOR GROOMING A 14-YEAR OLD. WARNING: Contains adult themes. We open on an extreme close-up of a mobile phone screen. We see a chat between an online predator and a young girl. The online predator builds familiarity and a relationship with the intended victim. It’s all leading to him getting a compromising picture. JAKESTEVENS03: Hey wyd? SARAHMAY_05: Hey not much just hanging out at home Hbu? JAKESTEVENS03: Laying on the couch watching a movie You're Tom’s friend right? SARAHMAY_05: Yeah how do you know him? JAKESTEVENS03: From school Wyd now? SARAHMAY_05: Just got home from my friends place So tired (tired emoji) JAKESTEVENS03: Haha big day I know the feeling Time for bed? SARAHMAY_05: Yeah soon We can keep chatting if you want but SUPER: ONE WEEK LATER JAKESTEVENS03: Heyyy do you have Instagram? SARAHMAY_05: Yeah it’s @sarahmaym05 JAKESTEVENS03: One sec I’ll follow you You’re so pretty! SARAHMAY_05: Hah no What do you look like though? Send me a pic maybe I know you JAKESTEVENS03: (He sends good looking pic of 15-year old boy) SARAHMAY_05: I would definitely remember you ahaha JAKESTEVENS03: Haha now send me one of you SARAHMAY_05: Hold on one sec (she sends through a headshot/selfie, cut off at the side so you can’t recognise her, landscape image) JAKESTEVENS03: So cute (drooling emoji) SARAHMAY_05: Ahaha maybe you’ll get another soon SARAHMAY_05: Hey you still there? SARAHMAY_05: Hellooooo JAKESTEVENS03: Sorry just making you my phone screen SARAHMAY_05: Haha you’re sweet JAKESTEVENS03: Are you a model? SARAHMAY_05: I look awful ahaha JAKESTEVENS03: Don’t worry you’re hot SARAHMAY_05: Naw thanks SUPER: TWO WEEKS LATER JAKESTEVENS03: Hey send us a pic Need to see more of you SARAHMAY_05: Aww wish we could just meet up JAKESTEVENS03: Me too I wanna see you so bad Just took this thinking about you (he sends ripped ab torso shot – it’s pixelated at the bottom) SARAHMAY_05: Omg did not expect that JAKESTEVENS03: Sorry baby it’s just what you do to me Pleeeease send a hot pic of you SARAHMAY_05: I don’t even know you… (deletes) Umm… I don’t know my friend Nicky sent something to her bf and he showed everyone!!! JAKESTEVENS03: Promise it’s just for me Pleeease you’re so hot just one pic SARAHMAY_05: I don’t know… JAKESTEVENS03: Please baby you can trust me it’s just one pic SARAHMAY_05: Okay fine Gotta be quick mums on my case *camera sound* In response to his last request, we see the little animated graphic that displays when an image is uploading. We can tell the girl is sending a picture – and see the briefest flash of the image. At that moment, the camera pulls back revealing the phone is a beartrap. Suddenly we hear a loud snap and cut to a black screen with white supers. First the words GOT YOU flash up on screen, then the remaining super fade on around it. SUPER: THE MOMENT YOU SHARE A SEXUAL PICTURE, AN ONLINE PREDATOR HAS GOT YOU. CTA SUPER: YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS CAN AVOID THE TRAPS. FIND OUT HOW. (QFCC.QLD.GOV.AU/DOIKNOWU) SUPER: QFCC logo #doiknowu