Short List
Product / ServiceOPTUS
CategoryA07. Use of Licensed / Adapted Music
Media Placement UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production FINCH Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production 2 BLACKBIRD VFX Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production 3 TRAILER MEDIA Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company RE Redfern, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company 2 YES AGENCY Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company 3 EMOTIVE Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company 4 RUMBLE STUDIOS Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Kelly Bayer Rosmarin Optus CEO
Matt Williams Optus Managing Director of Marketing & Revenue
Melissa Hopkins Optus Head of Marketing
Michael Sinclair Optus Creative & Communications Strategy Director
Alex Ball Optus Senior Marketing Lead
Danielle Rapley Optus Brand Associate Director
Simone Delaney Yes Agency Project Director
Jen Clarke Optus Brand Manager
Tony Bradbourne Special Group New Zealand CEO/CCO
Michael Redwood Special Group New Zealand Managing Partner
Rory Gallery Special Group New Zealand Head of Strategy
Matt Simpkins Special Group New Zealand Group Creative Director
Jonathan McMahon Special Group New Zealand Executive Creative Director
Lisa Fedyszyn Special Group New Zealand Executive Creative Director
Sally Lankshear Special Group New Zealand Senior Producer
Emma Cutfield Special Group New Zealand Producer
Hugo Parcell Special Group New Zealand Group Business Director
Nick O'Donnell Special Group New Zealand Senior Business Director
Hannah Ross Special Group New Zealand Business Manager
Christopher Riggert FINCH Director
Claire Thompson FINCH Producer
Loren Bradley FINCH Executive Producer
Jack Hutchings FINCH Editor
Ben Eagleton FINCH Colourist

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

It’s lockdown 2020 and a group of kids in an apartment block have gathered over Zoom to plan a group activity. We see them photographing, measuring, building and assembling then we reveal what they’ve been up to: a giant Hot Wheels track that runs through and around all of the apartments in the building. They count down the start of the race and two cars are released. They whizz down track laid through lounges, bedrooms and kitchens giving a glimpse of lockdown life. Then, as the cars jump from the end of the track we freeze and rewind back in time to see the genesis of the idea: a new kid moves into the block and brings his hot wheels track. Another kid sees him and lowers a message out of the window to the flat below: ‘I have a plan. Want to talk? Yes/No.’ The new kid circles yes

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Hot Wheels has been a popular kid’s toy in Australia for many years. Australia underwent several periods of lockdown during 2020, confining people to their homes and limiting contact to family groups.

Tell the jury about the choice of music track.

After an exhaustive search Rock Lobster by the B52s was chosen for its upbeat, quirky nature which, combined with the hooky bass line, helps to drive the action whilst underlining the playfulness of the spot