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CategoryB04. Animation
Idea Creation CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production 2 DIVISION Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Nicole Papoutsis Genea Head of Brand and Marketing
Alice Ross Genea Corporate Communications Manager
Karen Sivieng Genea Digital Co-Ordinator
Elizabeth Gosch Genea Corporate Communications Manager
Philip Kim Genea Graphic Designer
Chris Howatson CHE Proximity Chief Executive Officer
Ant White CHE Proximity Chief Creative Officer
Renee Hyde CHE Proximity Managing Partner
Cameron Hoelter CHE Proximity Executive Creative Director
Richard Shaw CHE Proximity Creative Director
Jeremy Hogg CHE Proximity Creative Director
Fee Millist CHE Proximity Senior Copywriter
Darren Cole CHE Proximity Head of Design
Trent Michael CHE Proximity Senior Designer
Sebastian Perez de Arce CHE Proximity Senior Designer
Reece Lawson CHE Proximity Digital Design Lead
Nicholas Biggs CHE Proximity Account Director
Judy Crema CHE Proximity Senior Account Director - PR
Nick Zonnios Clemenger BBDO Head of PR
Lauren Hunt Clemenger BBDO Senior Business Director - PR
Katherine McCulloch CHE Proximity Research Marketing Manager
Holly Alexander CHE Proximity Director, Strategic Production
Elena Szymanski CHE Proximity Broadcast Producer
Anna Boucaut CHE Proximity Technology Project Manager
Sebastian Bennett-Leat CHE Proximity Technology Project Manager
King Yong CHE Proximity Senior Editor
Patrik Fagard CHE Proximity Creative Technologist
Andy Stewart CHE Proximity Creative Technologist
Mike Deane CHE Proximity Chief Media Officer
Tim Russell CHE Proximity Head of Strategy, Media
Anna Longson CHE Proximity Integrated Planner
Yenfei Tan CHE Proximity Addressable Manager
Katrina Anastasi CHE Proximity Digital Executive

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

This is the animated story of where babies come from. It starts with penises and vaginas singing ‘Let’s talk about sex’ by Salt n Peppa. Women and men are having sex. Lots of it. Then there are people of every sexual orientation. This isn’t the “usual” story of conception — it’s new. It’s joyful but deliberately provocative. Same-sex couples and singles can’t have sex to conceive. Men and women are having fertility issues. They try everything, including more exhausting sex. Yet there’s still period blood, negative pregnancy tests, and heartbreak when they see a pram. Now a new journey begins, naked they head to fertility specialists, Genea. IVF is just a different type of sex. A needle gets an erection, eggs, and sperm are horny. Under the microscope and in the incubator they have sex until the egg is fertilised and they make an embryo. Genea. Where babies come from.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In Australia, when it comes to conception, society is still heavily focused on the natural sex between a man and a woman. Yet 1 in 20 children are conceived via IVF. But with a distinct lack of public acknowledgment that this is a normal way to have a baby, people with fertility issues feel stigmatised and unable to talk about their IVF journey publicly. Plus, IVF is a way to conceive for singles and couples with alternative sexual orientations, this is a story even more rarely acknowledged.

Tell the jury about the animation used and summarise any relevant challenges or techniques.

We partnered with a French animation duo who embraced a technique called, “pas-de-deux” – a dance duet between a man and a woman. The classic technique meant our illustrators had to draw every illustration twice and then hand-scan each illustration before animating, meaning we could edit at 24ims. While the technique itself was classic, the visual style was bright, modern, and playful. Our greatest challenge throughout the process was ensuring our animation remained fun and provocative without crossing the line and becoming insensitive to the topic.

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