Short List
CategoryB04. Animation
Entrantmcgarrybowen Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation mcgarrybowen Shanghai, CHINA
Production UOU STUDIO Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Simone Tam mcgarrybowen Shanghai Chief Executive Officer
Jeffry Gamble mcgarrybowen Shanghai Chief Creative Officer
侯宗昆 Recky Hou Mcgarrybowen Shanghai Group Creative Director
李鄂 Leo Li Mcgarrybowen Shanghai Creative Director
Keane Low Mcgarrybowen Shanghai Associate Creative Director
巫玉倩 Spencer Wu mcgarrybowen Shanghai Associate Creative Director
郭倩 Lucky Guo mcgarrybowen Shanghai Group Head
蔡丛杰 Jeff Cai mcgarrybowen Shanghai Account Director
费可涵 Sandy Fei mcgarrybowen Shanghai Senior Account Executive
袁文静 Lexie Yuan mcgarrybowen Shanghai Producer
熊煜聪 Yucong Xiong 1cm studio Animation director
王丕鸿 Pihong Wang 1cm studio Key Frame Artist
谭方媛 Fangyuan Tan 1cm studio Animation Artist
甘文聪 Congwen Gan 1cm studio Animation Artist
杨李邦泽 Libangze Yang 1cm studio Animation Artist,Frame by frame Animation
唐俊杰 Junjie Tang 1cm studio Frame by frame animation,Compositing
于晏 Yan Yu 1cm studio Frame by frame animation
周藻 Zao Zhou 1cm studio Music sound effects

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

This is an animation story of a veteran's lifetime, who fought for his home country when he was young, but memories gradually dissipated away day after day and fell into loneliness without any help. In the end it turns out that all this is due to Alzheimer’s disease.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

China is the country with the most Alzheimer's disease patients in the world. At the same time, China also having a large number of elderly veterans, and majority of them are living below the poverty line. Therefore they are deeply threatened by Alzheimer's disease and suffer from it.

Tell the jury about the animation used and summarise any relevant challenges or techniques.

Instead of using CG graphic to animate, we used a more challenging hand-drawn style to create it all frame by frame. Therefore it definitely requested high balancing between every lines and their smoothness in the animation. Every single frame need to craft accordingly to remain the entire hand drawing style, and when convert it into moving animation, increase and modification among each frames length to enhance the hand-painted jitter feeling. The reversing of the time axis has high requirements on controlling the rhythm of animation, match with music pace and also editing to having a same length on the back and forth.

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