Silver Spike
Product / ServiceFEVICOL
CategoryA06. Use of Original Music
Idea Creation OGILVY INDIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Piyush Pandey Ogilvy Executive Chairman & Creative Director, South Asia
Prasoon Pandey Corcoise Films Pvt. Ltd. Director
Cyrus Pagdiwala Corcoise Films Executive Producer
Cyrus Pagdiwala Corcoise Films Pvt. Ltd. Executive Producer
Dhruv Ghanekar Wah Wah Studios Music Composer
Dhruv Ghanekar Wah Wah Studios Music Composer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The task was to celebrate 60 yrs. of existence of FEVICOL- furniture adhesive. FEVICOLs communication has always been deeply rooted in Indian culture, so we had to find an endearing story in that ethos. The film captures the changing fabric of life in India through the journey of a Sofa being passed down generations. 60 years ago, the Sofa comes as dowry with Mr. A’s bride, neighbors call it “Mrs. A’s Sofa”. Later, it is refurbished and given as dowry at her sister-in-law’s wedding. It becomes “Mrs. B’s Sofa”. Mrs. B’s daughter-in-law raises the upholstery. It becomes “Mrs. C’s Sofa”. Her daughter elopes. Sofa becomes “Lovebird’s Sofa”. It sees quakes and floods come and go, relationships evolve, bonds grow. It was young once and is still in its prime, this sofa is enjoying the test of time.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

It was common in India to give dowry when getting a girl married. Dowry could include furniture too. If one could not afford to buy new furniture, they would refurbish old one to give as dowry. With time marital relationships became more equal. The film observes this shift of balance in relationships, through the eyes of a sofa that has witnessed India change from colonial days to digital age.

Tell the jury about the creation of the original music track.

This film is treated as a folk ballad, its English translation is as follows: Sharma’s bride came from across the river, A two-seater sofa came as dowry with her. Neighbors called it ‘Mrs. Sharma’s Sofa’. When Mrs. Sharma’s sister-in-law got married, The sofa was re-dressed and along it was carried. Neighbors now called it ‘Mrs. Mishra’s Sofa’. Mrs. Mishra’s son became a Tax Collector, The sofa was upgraded to artificial leather. Neighbors now called it ‘Mrs. Collector’s Sofa’. The Collector’s daughter married outside her race, The sofa changed colors, took a modern face. Neighbors now called it ‘Lovebird’s Sofa’. It has seen floods and quakes come and go, It has seen relationships evolve and bonds grow. It was born 60 yrs. back, but is still in its prime, This sofa is enjoying the test of time.

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