Bronze Spike

Demo Film


Product / ServiceLCF 10TH ANNIVERSARY
CategoryA07. Use of Licensed / Adapted Music
Production SIXTOES TV Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Hagan de Villiers TBWA\Singapore Executive Creative Director
Andy Grant TBWA\Singapore Executive Creative Director
Perry Essig TBWA\Singapore Creative Director
AS Anam TBWA\Singapore Creative Director
Jeff O'Keefe TBWA\Chiat Day Associate Creative Director
Paulo Cruz TBWA\Chiat Day Senior Art Director
Robin Nayak TBWA\Singapore Chief Strategy Officer
Melissa Hill TBWA\Singapore Global Brand Lead
Benoit Freyburger TBWA\Singapore Group Account Director
Julia Watson Donnert TBWA\Singapore Account Director
EuChuan Then TBWA\Singapore Brand Manager
Debora Minasi TBWA\Singapore Project Manager
Emma Sheller Standard Chartered  Global Head, Brand & Marketing
Louise Cullen Standard Chartered  Project Lead, Brand Refresh
Caroline Darcy Standard Chartered  Global Head, Sponsorship & Events
Haydn Evans Sixtoes.TV Executive Producer
Marc Davis Standard Chartered  Senior Manager, Sponsorships
Ryan Shanholtzer Sixtoes.TV Executive Producer
Zahid Zameer Sixtoes.TV Producer
Rollo Jackson  Somesuch Director
Scott O’Donnell Somesuch Executive Producer
Tom Gardner Somesuch Producer
Maddy Perkins Somesuch Production Manager
Bobby Shore Somesuch Cinematographer
Sami Khan Somesuch Production Designer
Verity May Lane Somesuch Costume Stylist
Martin Gibbins Somesuch Casting Director
Ryan Boucher The Whitehouse Editor
Peter Duffy Factory Studios Sound Designer
Damian Waddell Song Zu Head of Sound Design
Donny Pereira Song Zu Executive Producer
Richard Mayo-Smith Heckler Singapore Executive Producer
Pedro Santos Heckler Singapore Flame Artist
Sacha Schmidt Heckler Singapore Flame Artist
Arnold Hattingh Theodore / Wake The Town Executive Producer
Astræa . Peer Music / Concord Music Publishing Producer
Harley Beckmann-Hawksley Theodore / Wake The Town Executive Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The film brings to life Liverpool FC’s last 10 years through the story of one loyal, local fan, building to the club’s improbable Champions League victory in 2019, which earned them the title “Champions of Europe” for the 6th time. During the film, there are references to pivotal club moments that took place during this period, as well as nods to legends like Steven Gerrard, Philippe Coutinho, Kenny Dalglish, and others. Current stars like forward Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah and local boy Trent Alexander-Arnold, as well as manager Jurgen Klopp, are also highlighted. Celebrating the ups and downs of the club and how the bank has stood by them through it all for 10 thrilling years.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The film was shot on location in Liverpool, featuring local Liverpudlians actors and capturing recognisable sights and sounds in and around the city, from the Trent Alexander-Arnold mural, a fish and chip shop on High Park Street, street soccer courts in Dingle where the dream began for many local born players to a residential neighbourhood along the Mersey River to the roar of Anfield stadium.

Tell the jury about the choice of music track.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” – a show tune from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel is so synonymous with the club and is steeped in its traditions. Over the years, it has become a tradition for fans to sing right before the start of every match. A tune proudly expelled from the lungs of every supporter in the stands to the players on the pitch. Instead of creating something new, we followed our instinct and commissioned a bespoke cover by emerging artist Astræa. We knew the vocal needed to be sung by a female voice, especially since the film itself is centred around a young woman, and keeping the music delicate and dynamic to compliment and drive the odyssey. The track had to sound as if it were coming from the main character and to grow as she grew with the team.