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Product / ServiceGLOBAL TRADE
CategoryB04. Animation
Production SIXTOES TV Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Andy Grant TBWA\Singapore Executive Creative Director
Perry Essig TBWA\Singapore Global Creative Director
Asheen Naidu TBWA\Singapore Global Creative Director
Anne-Marie Brandner TBWA\Singapore Senior Copywriter
Franziska Kruger TBWA\Singapore Senior Art Director
Melissa Hill TBWA\Singapore Global Business Lead
Benoit Freyburger TBWA\Singapore Group Brand Director
Ash Chaudhry TBWA\Singapore Brand Director
Rachael Wong TBWA\Singapore Brand Manager
Faith Pang TBWA\Singapore Brand Manager
Priscilla Lim TBWA\Singapore Brand Executive
Robin Nayak TBWA\Singapore Chief Strategy Officer
Michele Bouquet TBWA\Singapore Strategy Director
Danial Khalis TBWA\Singapore Content Creator
Akanksha Nair TBWA\Singapore Content Creator
Widad Ismail TBWA\Singapore Content Creator
Lisa Oon TBWA\Singapore Social Media Executive
Haydn Evans SixToes.TV Executive Producer
Sariyanti Sannie SixToes.TV Executive Producer
Fiona McGregor SixToes.TV Agency Producer
Joelle Goh SixToes.TV Agency Producer
Mark Waring Passion Pictures, London Director
Malcolm Hadley Passion Pictures, London Cinematographer
Tim O'Connell Passion Pictures, London Gaffer
Graham Pryor Passion Pictures, London Executive Producer
Adriana Wong Passion Pictures, London Film Producer
Paige Sullivan Passion Pictures, London Film Producer
Andy Gent Arch Model Studios, London Supervising Modeller
Kingsley Bailey Passion Pictures, London Editor
Simona Cristea Universal Production Partners Colourist
Mike Turoff Passion Pictures, London Head of Production
Jason Nicholas Passion Pictures, London Head of CG
Dave Walker Passion Pictures, London VFX Supervisor
Crystal Kung Passion Pictures, London Character Design
Reuben McNaughton Passion Pictures, London Character Design
Ronnie Mitchell Passion Pictures, London Character Design
Tulips & Chimneys Passion Pictures, London Environment Design
Soviet Science Soviet Science, London Sound Production Company

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The film uses the metaphor of two neighbouring villages that individually have a wonderful product. Through the curiosity of an enigmatic hen, we tell the the story of hat happens when they unwittingly learn to exchange what they have to create something even better - egg fried rice! Mmmm! A fable of positivity and hope, not only does this emphasis Standard Chartered's belief that the world is a better place when we exchange what we have, it also reinforces the Bank's commitment to keep driving global trade, despite the headwinds.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

To tell the story in a very visual and human way, we partnered with Mark Waring - the Stop Animation expert at the heart of Wes Anderson's Oscar-nominated films "Isle of Dogs" and "Fantastic Mr Fox" and we used hand-sculpted models.

Tell the jury about the animation used and summarise any relevant challenges or techniques.

We partnered with an awesome team led by Director and Animator Mark Waring, the Animator behind Wes Anderson's Isle of Dog's to bring the animation to life. Many of the Animators on the team have previously worked with Tim Burton on his stop frame films. Hundreds of props, characters, sets were built and painstakingly animated through stop motion. It took over 21 days of shooting to animate the film and then months of compositing work to bring the final film to life. It was a labour of love with incredible attention to detail.