Product / Service7-ELEVEN CSR
CategoryA04. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
EntrantADK TAIWAN Taipei City, TAIWAN
Idea Creation ADK TAIWAN Taipei City, TAIWAN


Name Company Position
Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Regional Chief Creative Officer, Greater China
Kurt Lin ADK TAIWAN Executive Creative Director
Morning Yu ADK TAIWAN Creative Director
Bo Lee ADK TAIWAN Copywriter
Bell Bai ADK TAIWAN Senior Art Director
Yuzen Lin ADK TAIWAN Senior Art Director
Riley Hsia ADK TAIWAN Account Executive
Ivy Lien ADK TAIWAN Agency Producer
Mulder Shen Free Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

A terrible meal that is hard to swallow may be unfamiliar to the public, but for elders who live in solitude in the east of Taiwan, this is what they have every day. People like to watch cooking and cuisine programs. So, what if people know these solitary elderly’s unique way of cooking, will them be touched? IDEA: Instant Lonely Meal There are..."Gu-Lao (Solitary) Pork" which is made of leftovers and rotten pork ribs, "Sadwich" made of expired canned corn and moldy toast and also "Invisable Sushi" that you can’t see it, touch it, or smell it. Awful meals show up, just like in a pretty and delicious cooking program. Now you can find that there is never a perfect meal at the table for the elders who's living alone. However, with your donations and help, they will have a decent meal.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Nearly 40% of the elders living in solitude in the eastern part of Taiwan are unable to take care of themselves. Their "food delivery service demand" has ranked top in Taiwan and since they live a hand-to-mouth existence, they often divide a meal into several days to eat... and that's the most reason to cause them nutrient deficiencies. And most of this problem occurs in remote areas, that means people are hard to see how these elders' dilemma with insufficient food resource. 7-ELEVEN Taiwan has been fundraising for the disadvantaged elders for years, faced with such a thorny problem, they hope to arouse the public's awareness and bring them to actively donate to support the food services development for the elderly, like community-based meal services or food-delivery service to help them eat well.