Product / ServiceUNI NOODLE
CategoryB01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
EntrantADK TAIWAN Taipei City, TAIWAN
Idea Creation ADK TAIWAN Taipei City, TAIWAN


Name Company Position
Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Regional Chief Creative Officer, Greater China
Lion Tsai ADK TAIWAN Executive Creative Director
Apple Wang ADK TAIWAN Creative Director
Ennis Chen ADK TAIWAN Senior Copywriter
Janet Chen ADK TAIWAN Senior Art Director
Barney Lin ADK TAIWAN Senior Art Director
Arial Yu ADK TAIWAN Group Account Director
Joy Wang ADK TAIWAN Account Manager
Paul Huang ADK TAIWAN Senior Account Executive
Toyota Shao ADK TAIWAN Agency Producer
Ging Zim Lo Innovate Films Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

First, viewers can select different films, based on their own ways of eating noodles. In the “House of Little Moments” noodle shop, every customer has his/her way of eating noodles. The noodle shop owner loves to observe and analyze people, summarizing that five different ways of eating noodles represent five different personalities. These customers have different personalities and also have different life stories. The owner not just listens to their stories, but also gives them responses, serving them Uni Noodle creative fusion dishes echoed with their moods. Once again, Uni Noodle comforts everyone's heart with its classic flavorful stories.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Taiwanese loves to take psychological tests. For example, astrology, blood type, the way to wear shoes, even what color or pattern you would like to choose, there are tons of psychological tests surrounding Taiwanese people. So, based on that, we come up with an idea that different ways of eating noodles represent different personalities and as a result, “House of Little Moments” season 4, “You Are How You Slurp” shows up. It turns watching advertisements into a personality test, successfully attracting viewers to click and watch films and increases the interaction between the brand and the viewers.


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