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CategoryA05. Media / Entertainment
Idea Creation M&C SAATCHI Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production HECKLER Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production 2 RESOLUTION Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Cam Blackley M&C Saatchi Chief Creative Officer
Chris Cheeseman M&C Saatchi Creative Director
Doug Hamilton M&C Saatchi Creative Director
Chris Berents M&C Saatchi Senior Creative
Ant Hatton M&C Saatchi Senior Creative:
Simone Cherry M&C Saatchi Design Director
Matthew Harrington M&C Saatchi Craft Designer
Sarah Hetherington M&C Saatchi Director of Digital
Simon Kent M&C Saatchi Creative Technologist
Nick Jacobs M&C Saatchi Acting Head of Strategy
Mel Lofts M&C Saatchi Acting CX Strategy Lead
Russell Hopson M&C Saatchi Group Managing Director
Jasmina Porter M&C Saatchi Group Head
Emma McJury M&C Saatchi Group Head
Charlotte O’Brien M&C Saatchi Senior Account Director
Joshua Johns M&C Saatchi Account Director
Kurt Griffin M&C Saatchi Account Manager
Dean Trendler M&C Saatchi Project Director
Loren August M&C Saatchi Head of TV Production
Lill Schroeder M&C Saatchi Senior Broadcast Producer
Ros Payne M&C Saatchi Senior TV Producer
Matt Devine Revolver Director
Michael Ritchie Revolver Managing Director/Co-Owner
Pip Smart Revolver Executive Producer/Partner
Ian Iveson Revolver Producer
Lachlan Milne Revolver Director of Photography
Tom Churchill-Brown Revolver Art Director
Scott Stirling Revolver Editor
Jamie Watson Heckler VFX Supervisors
Tom Corbett Heckler VFX Supervisors
Bonnie Law Heckler Executive Producer
Billy Wychgel Heckler Colourist
Julian Ford Heckler Senior Flame Artist
Tim Jarick Heckler 3D Team
Boris Fomin Heckler 3D Team
Jack Scrase Heckler 3D Team
Tim Quarry Heckler 3D Team
Phillip Wang Heckler 3D Team
Nick Kaloterakis Heckler 3D Team
Maxence Peillon Heckler Senior Compositor:
Dan Page Heckler I/O Team
Maud Chapuis Heckler I/O Team
Adam Moses Rumble Studios Composer
Michael Gie Rumble Studios Music Producer
Tone Aston Rumble Studios Sound Designer
Katie Harper Rumble Studios Audio Post Producer
Luke Waldren TAB EGM Marketing, Customer & Product
Kent Madders TAB Head of Brand and Marketing
John Vellis TAB General Manager Media & Sponsorship
Ben Willis TAB Senior Marketing Manager, Racing
Luke Feddema TAB Senior Marketing Manager, Sport
Natasha Urukalo TAB Marketing Manager, Retail
Matthew Silk TAB Marketing Manager, Racing
Will Evans TAB Marketing Manager, Sport
Jessica Moodie TAB Marketing Coordinator, Racing

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Fold-down’ seats are synonymous with sporting stadiums. In this commercial these stadium seats come to life acting as giant keyboards, building intensity and excitement for the season to come.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Covid lockdowns had affected sports loving Aussies spontaneity, it had also completely changed the sporting calendar and condensed 6 months' worth of action into a few months. With all that sport available post lockdown we invited them to check the schedule and make a date with a new sporting calendar so they didn’t miss a thing.