Product / ServiceDRAGON QUEST WALK
CategoryB05. Media / Entertainment
EntrantCHERRY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation CHERRY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production CONNECTION Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kensuke Harada CHERRY Creative Director/Copywriter/Scriptwriter/Creative Planner
Yuto Tamura TM Inc. Art Director
Akinori Suzuki CHERRY Business Producer
Hideki Nakashima ADK Marketing Solutions Account Executive
Jun Onoda ADK Marketing Solutions Account Executive
Kazukiyo Fujii ADK Marketing Solutions Account Executive
Takashi Murakami A-Bridge Casting
Kouichi Wakui ADK Creative One Strategic Planner
Reiko Abe ADK Creative One Strategic Planner
Takashi Aso CONNECTION INC. Headlight div. Producer
Michio Furukawa CONNECTION INC. Headlight div. Production Manager
Yukihiro Morigaki KUJIRA Director
Yuta Suzuki KUJIRA Assistant Director
Mikiya Takimoto MIKIYA TAKIMOTO PHOTOGRAPH OFFICE Director of Photography
Takashi Ideguchi freelance First Assistant Camera
Kei Kimura Reign Digital imaging technician
Norikiyo Fujii freelance Lighting designer
Satoshi Hori freelance Gaffer
Yukiko Kuribayashi KUJIRA Production Designer
Tsunenobu Tsukimura T2trust Grip
Ryo Takahashi SPACE HYAKKA Location Coordinator
Takashi Yamamoto freelance "Kei Tanaka" Stylist
Satoru Ohashi VANESSA+embrasse "Kei Tanaka" Makeup and Hair
Akihito Tokura holy "Tomoya Nakamura" Stylist
E miy freelance "Tomoya Nakamura" Makeup and Hair
Megumi Mochizuki freelance "Subcast" Stylist
Risa Sawada freelance "Subcast" Makeup and Hair
Kenichi Hirai KUJIRA Off-line Editor
Kohei Sudo garakuta On-line Editor
Masayuki Inomata garakuta Sound Mixer
Sakura Katsumata garakuta Sound Effects
Kazuyoshi Tonami YUGE Music Producer
Taiki Kawakami CHERRY Project Support
Keiko Oda ADK Creative One Translator

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Dragon Quest Walk is a location-based and Augmented Reality mobile version of the globally popular Japanese role-playing game, Dragon Quest. This promotional drama was created to announce the one-year anniversary from launch. In order to have our target realize that they can easily change their lives into adventure through this game, the path this game has walked, is connected to the walk of Life. Because many Japanese people are unable to outwardly express love, especially to those very close, we wanted the target to enjoy the feature of this game by moving together with another player. The strategy was to enable players to utilize this game as a communication tool to strengthen the bond with their family or loved one. This drama shows brothers who lost their father early, growing up caring about each other, and is a manifestation of the concept of this game, Life is a Quest.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Our target was game players who had never tried Dragon Quest Walk. The Dragon Quest series is a globally popular Role-playing adventure game which has sold 80 million in the 35 years from launch, and many players have played some type of Dragon Quest game. The series has walked along with the lives of the target. In order to convey the appeal of Dragon Quest Walk, which synchronizes with those who play, a drama showing the experiential values that can be derived from the game was expressed as part of the lives of players. Japanese people are too shy to physically or verbally express love, especially toward family and those close to them. Therefore, we hear the true feelings of the younger brother off camera, to dramatize how the game can play a key role in tying the brothers together.