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Ajay Vikram Publicis Singapore Chief Creative Officer
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Natalie VanderVorst Publicis Singapore Vice President, Global Clients
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Debra Wong Prodigious Singapore Agency Producer
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Lesli Sng Publicis Singapore Project Manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Not every child is born into a family that offers unconditional support and love. But with a #TouchOfCare, they can rise above their circumstances to reach their full potential. This is the true story of how extraordinary care transformed Lizo Tom’s life. Lizo had lost his son Luvuyo, but his bereavement spurred him on to care for others, inspired by the woman who loved him like her own. Lizo was abandoned at a hospital doorstep by his mother right after he was born. After spending three years at the hospital, he was sent to an orphanage where he met Mama Abisana, a woman who cared for him deeply despite not being related by blood. The support he received from her inspired him to build the Luvuyo Center for Children, named in memory of his late son, and to give care back to the community as Mama Abisana cared for him.

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

This story epitomizes a core cultural value in South Africa called “ubuntu”. Ubuntu is defined as humanity towards others, translated as “I am because we are.” It recognizes that we achieve ourselves by caring for those around us, creating a circularity of care and compassion that helps rebuild communities. This cultural value is embedded in every South African’s heart and soul, and this film shows how it enables people to go beyond biological ties and transform others’ lives for the better.

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