Product / ServiceVALUE CREATION
CategoryA06. Consumer Services / Business to Business
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production T&E Tokyo, JAPAN
Post Production DIGITAL EGG Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Shumpei Murata DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Minayo Aoki DENTSU INC. Copywriter
Itsuo Teruya ECLAIRER INC. Account Manager
Yoshihiko Yamamoto Freelance Director
Takaaki Sasaki T&E INC. Producer
Kazuya Wada Freelance Production Manager
Kazuki Moritomi T&E INC. Production Manager
Kohei Ide T&E INC. Production Manager
Kotarou Shibata T&E INC. Production Manager
Masaki Imanishi Freelance Photographer
Koji Toriuchi Freelance Lighting engineer
Tomoko Tanaka Freelance Art
Ran Yamada Freelance Art
Kazutomo Yokoshoji digital egg INC. Offline editor
Noritsugu Ichiki T&E INC. Online editor
Tatsunori Nagata T&E INC. Online editor
Yosuke Hishino Freelance Mixer
Tatsuya Kishikawa Freelance Mixer
Tsutomu Kobayashi digital egg INC. Mixer
Tomohisa Matsumoto T&E INC. Mixer
Kentarou Hirosawa Freelance Stylist
Yuichi Sorimachi Freelance Hair make
Miyuki Fujisawa machine INC. Casting
Nozomi Ikeda Freelance Narrator
Shunsaku Fukuba Freelance Cast
Akane Watanabe Freelance Cast
Hiroaki Matsuzawa Freelance Cast
Yumi Okuda Freelance Cast

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

A man comes to his girlfriend's parents' house to ask her father his permission to marry her. He notices everything surrounding him doesn't sound in proper timing. Nobody except for him notices that fact. The dramatic and serious moment for him is spoiled because of this phenomenon. The timing does matter for everything.