Product / ServiceSUBARU
CategoryB03. Durable Consumer Goods including Automotive
Idea Creation STORIES Tokyo, JAPAN
Production STORIES Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Tomoya Suzuki STORIES CEO
Chika Aomatsu STORIES Producer
Junichi Kanai Stardust Pictures Director
Takafumi Minami Hakuhodo Products Executive Producer
Masahiro Fujiwara Hakuhodo/Yomiko Account Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

NA: What's_your_story_with_your_car? 1994: We see a freshman university student at the entrance ceremony and he meets a girl. 1998: The boy asks her out on a date when they are camping with his Subaru. She nods and they hold hands. 3470: The couple have a fight. 20589: He proposes to her in a car. She says yes. 31588: He rushes to a hospital to see his baby. 148106: His son cried in the car and parents comfort him. 193896: Father picks up his son at cram school for his-son’s college-entrance-exam. We see 3 of them are in the car. 199999 turns into 200000. Numbers zoom out and reveal to be Subaru-Legacy’s Odometer. Montage of past scenes with the cars’s odometer overlayed. We see the son at the University Entrance Ceremony and waves hands to his parents who stands right next to Subaru-Legacy. NA: The story with you continues to drive.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

With the spread of car-sharing-services in Japan, It has become difficult to convey the value of “owning” a car. Also Japanese tends to values “new” car over used-car drastically compared with other cultures. But we came up with a bold idea to convey the value of Subaru and having “my-car.” We created a car brand-film without any new cars, instead used 20 years-old-car not even available in the market. We told the life story of a family with Subaru-Legacy’s odometer’s numbers as their bookmarks. The Subaru-Legacy has been always in their life for 20+years, 200,000-kilometers. We conveyed the philosophy of the brand, always being close to the owner as their family. Though there is no new car, who would not consider the brand which would create commercial with the old car whic stays 20+ years and 200000 kilometers, when purchasing a new car?


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