CategoryB06. Consumer Services / Business to Business
EntrantDDB MUDRA Ahmedabad, INDIA
Idea Creation DDB MUDRA Ahmedabad, INDIA


Name Company Position
Rahul Mathew DDB Mudra Group Chief Creative Officer
Aditya Kanthy DDB Mudra Group Group CEO & Managing Director
Anurag Tandon DDB Mudra Group Managing Partner
Kapil Ojha DDB Mudra Group Group Creative Director
Shekhar Pandey DDB Mudra Group Vice President - Strategy
Mayank Yadav Bubblewrap Entertainment Film Director
Vinayak Dubey DDB Mudra Group Associate Creative Director
Yashasvi Agrawal DDB Mudra Group Senior Art Director
Sanya Sitlani DDB Mudra Group Strategist
Jay Gaikwad DDB Mudra Group Films Executive
Susan Pinto DDB Mudra Group Brand Solutions Executive

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film demonstrates a day in the life of an Indian dairy farmer whose life is impacted by bacteria spoiling milk in hot temperatures. The film opens at dawn in a cow shed in rural India where Mr. Bhuria gets his fresh batch of milk. But just as happy to see the milk is a life-sized 'Mr. Bacteria'. Just that 'Mr. Bacteria' is visible only to the viewer and not 'Mr. Bhuria'. So 'Mr Bhuria' is unable to see how 'Mr Bacteria' is playing havoc with the fresh milk. Spoiling Mr. Bhuria's milk every where he delivers it. Even when his customer tells him that the milk has gone bad, Mr Bhuria is clueless as to what to do. That's when the brand comes in to educate Mr Bhuria about Prompt. And how chilling your milk can protect it from bacteria and keep his profits from getting spoilt.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Lack of refrigeration in rural India leads to millions of tonnes of fresh produce going to waste every year in the country. Also, due to very low rate of literacy, most rural farmers aren’t even aware of the fact that it is bacterial load that hastens the spoilage of milk, especially in a tropical country like India marked by hot temperatures.


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