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CategoryC04. New Realities: Film or Series
EntrantAIRBAG Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production AIRBAG Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production 2 ARC EDIT Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production ARC EDIT Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production 2 OTIS STUDIOS Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Adrian Bosich AIRBAG Managing Director
Uncle Friendly AIRBAG Director
Alex Tizzard AIRBAG Producer
Andy DiLallo TBWA\ Sydney Chief Creative Officer
Katrina Alvarez-Jarratt TBWA\ Sydney Creative Director
Andrew Torrisi TBWA\ Sydney Senior Art Director
Chris Mawson TBWA\ Sydney Head of Design
Grant McAloon TBWA\ Sydney Copywriter
James Sexton TBWA\ Sydney Copywriter
Neville Fordyce TBWA\ Sydney Copywriter
Mike Burdick TBWA\ Sydney Copywriter
Doug Hamilton TBWA\ Sydney Copywriter
Ben Hamilton TBWA\ Sydney Copywriter
Scott Waterhouse TBWA\ Sydney Copywriter
Matthew Moran TBWA\ Sydney Planning Director
Helen Campbell-Borton TBWA\ Sydney Client Partner
Lauren Black TBWA\ Sydney Business Manager
Lisa Brown TBWA\ Sydney Head of Production
Lauren Reilly TBWA\ Sydney Senior Integrated Producer
Charlotte O'Rourke TBWA\ Sydney Senior Integrated Producer
Savannah Anseline TBWA\ Sydney Producer
Yassin Ghomari TBWA\ Sydney Senior Digital producer
Bonnie Nguyen TBWA\ Sydney Digital Designer
Beau Silvester Otis Studios Sound Designer
Beau Silvester Otis Studios Sound Designer
Crighton Bone AIRBAG DOP
Lucas Baynes ARC EDIT Editor

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

To keep New Zealand top of mind in a locked down world, we created a tourism experience that showcased the unique aspects of New Zealand’s people, places and culture. With online gaming spiking and people stuck at home, we needed a way to engage that would give an adventure-starved audience a travel hit and boost desirability to travel to New Zealand. We decided to market the entire country like a game. PLAY NZ is a rich brand experience that not only showcased the country, it gave people a playful, interactive experience featuring authentic influencers. The film showcases the game-like world of New Zealand’s travel opportunities. Launched with a live stream on Twitch, gaming influencer Loserfruit led thousands on an hourlong journey through the best bits of New Zealand and featured a “gamer walkthrough” where she “played” the country and interacted live with followers.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Partnering with Twitch, YouTube, actor Julian Dennison, social media content creator William Waiirua, and cultural influencers from the online and gaming communities, Tourism New Zealand set out to market the country like a real role player game –with really realistic graphics. The campaign kicked off with a virtual press conference unlike any other, by inviting media to join a live streaming platform, Twitch. Gaming influencer, Loserfruit, led the charge by sharing a simulated live walkthrough of her experience of PLAY NZ. The roll-out included trailer films and reviews to tease the gaming community ahead of the premiere.


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