Product / ServiceCOCONUT SABLE
CategoryB01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Idea Creation FRONTAGE Tokyo, JAPAN
Production P.I.C.S Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yohei Okawa FRONTAGE INC. Creative Director
Shogo Mutagamihigashi FRONTAGE INC. Planner
Miho Aoki FRONTAGE INC. Copywriter
Chihiro Okabayashi Freelance Copywriter
Shinya Kaburagi FRONTAGE INC. Account Executive
Mutsuko Kamura FRONTAGE INC. Account Executive
Mariko Miura FRONTAGE INC. Account Executive
Shigeo Uozumi FRONTAGE INC. Producer
Sayaka Adachi Whisle Casting
Yuki Nakao Whisle Casting
Taiki Nishimura P.I.C.S Producer
Wataru Sakurai P.I.C.S Production Manager
Naomi Izumida OND Director
Satoshi Uchikawa Freelance Cameraman
Yasuyuki Suzuki Freelance Lighting
Koyuki Kato Freelance Art
Kenji Ichihara TANGRAM Editor
Sakiko Tomita Freelance Editor
Kenjiro Matsuoka NANAME INC. CG
Minoru Dodo DODO DESIGN Art Director
Azusa Kurihara DODO DESIGN Graphic Designer
Satoru Nakano Freelance Photographer
Go Momose Freelance Stylist
Go Ikegami Freelance Hair and make up artist
Yumiko Nakagun Freelance Hair and make up artist
Toru Sakanishi Freelance Hair and make up artist
Fuju Kamio A Team Cast
Ayaka Konno Space Craft Cast

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Story starts with a high school couple in a scene full of love and romance, just like the one from Japanese “romance manga.” Every single word from the boy, so sweet and tender, give butterflies to the girl’s stomach. Just as when a lovely kiss scene is about to start, the scene suddenly changes to two high school boys, crazy in love with the tempting taste of Coconut Sable. This comically represents that even how sweet the love scenes are, it cannot overcome the sweet temptation of Coconut Sable.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

“Romance manga” is a big trend in Japanese youths. The most catching moment in the story is described as a “Mune-kyun” scene. “Mune-kyun” scene usually describes the scene where the character falls in love, and the moments when they get butterflies in their stomach. We brought 4 different “Mune-kyun” scenes into live-action for this campaign. For example, the “nose biting kiss” in the first footage, where the boy gently bites the tip of the girl’s nose, was an actual scene originally illustrated in an existing manga. Youths watching this footage, will be able to feel as if they are the one in the love scene and indirectly give them butterflies.


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