Product / ServiceTAB
CategoryB05. Media / Entertainment
Idea Creation M&C SAATCHI Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production MOFA Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production RESOLUTION Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production 2 RUMBLE STUDIOS Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Cam Blackley M&C Saatchi Chief Creative Officer
Chris Cheeseman M&C Saatchi Creative Director
Tim Batterham M&C Saatchi Art Director
Nicole Conway M&C Saatchi Copywriter
Matthew Harrington M&C Saatchi Craft Designer
Loren August M&C Saatchi Head of TV Production
Sarah Cowen M&C Saatchi Senior TV Producer
Nick Jacobs M&C Saatchi Acting Head of Strategy
Russell Hopson M&C Saatchi Group Managing Director
Emma McJury M&C Saatchi Group Head
Charlotte O’Brien M&C Saatchi Senior Account Director
Kurt Griffin M&C Saatchi Account Manager
Dean Trendler M&C Saatchi Project Director
Nick Kelly MOFA Director
Llew Griffiths MOFA Executive Producer
Campbell Brown MOFA DOP
Bernard Garry The Editors Editor
Tone Aston Rumble Studios Sound Designer
Jeremy Richmond Rumble Studios Composer
Katie Harper Rumble Studios Sound/Music Producer
Michael Gie Rumble Studios Sound/Music Producer
Luke Waldren TAB EGM Marketing, Customer & Product
Kent Madders TAB Head of Brand and Marketing
Luke Feddema TAB Senior Marketing Manager, Sport
Will Evans TAB Marketing Manager, Sport
Ed Keir TAB Marketing Coordinator - Sport
David Marsh TAB Marketing Manager - Sport
Michael Nicholson TAB Marketing Coordinator - Sport

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

A flotilla of American boats loaded with NFL, NBA and MLB fans make their way across the oceans to Australia in search of a better US sports broadcast experience and exclusive content they can’t get back home.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Australian wagering brand TAB has partnered with NBA, NFL and MLB in the US to give Australian’s live, free and exclusive content in the TAB App and in TAB Pub venues. This new product is eagerly awaited in Australia and envied in the US.