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CategoryF07. Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility
EntrantAIRBAG Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation SDWM Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production AIRBAG Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Adrian Bosich AIRBAG Managing Director
David Rittey Director Director
James Orr SDWM Creative Director
Elle Bullen SDWM Creative Director
Sebastian Covino SDWM Copywriter
Joel Wyatt SDWM Art Director
Bella Plush SDWM Designer
Jarrick Lay SDWM Business Director
Caterina O'Brien SDWM Project Coordinator
Selin Yaman AIRBAG Producer
Katie Milwright AIRBAG DOP
Nick Venn AIRBAG Post Producer
Martin Box AIRBAG Executive Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

For the TAC Towards Zero Round, we gave football club captains a message they could wear. A new number that had never been worn on a Australian football field before: Zero. The only acceptable number of deaths on our roads. To explain the significance of the new number we hosted and filmed two jersey presentations with a twist: They were held by community members who were directly affected by the trauma on the roads. The jerseys were presented to the captains with the context of what the number meant to those intensely affected by the trauma of a road accident. Following this, we sent out the new jerseys to every football club in bespoke packaging that invited them to film their own presentations. With nearly every place affected by the problem, they each told their own stories, and gave context to their own communities about the importance of the number.

Please tell us how the brand purpose inspired the work

The Transport Accident Commissions (TAC) and the Australian Football League (AFL) Victoria have shared a partnered sponsorship agreement for over 10 years. In the past they have targeted elite football players to help spread their various messages. However, with the road toll up 59% in July 2019, the TAC needed to shift focus from the elites and start a conversation in local, rural towns who were vastly overrepresented, about the importance everyone plays in road safety, and how they can help in achieving the TAC’s goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on the roads.

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