Product / ServiceUBER EATS
CategoryA06. Consumer Services / Business to Business
Production SMUGGLER Los Angeles, USA
Post Production CARTEL EDITING Los Angeles, USA


Name Company Position
Lindsey Evans Special Group Founding Partner & CEO
Cade Heyde Special Group Founding Partner & Managing Director
Tom Martin Special Group Partner & CCO
Julian Schreiber Special Group Partner & CCO
Rebecca Stambanis Special Group Founding Partner - Melbourne & Strategy Director
Jon Marshall Special Group Creative Director
Stuart Brown Special Group Creative Director
Caitlin Miller Special Group Business Director
Will Sealey Special Group Business Director
Eileen Cosgrove-Moloney Special Group Team Lead
Emily Stewart Special Group Casting Director
Esther Perls Special Group Producer
Lachlan Stewart Special Group Social Lead
Jesse Sinkiewicz Special Group Business Affairs
Danielle Trivisonno Hawley Uber Eats Global Executive Creative Director
Georgie Jeffreys Uber Eats Head of Marketing, US & Canada
Lauren Hussey Uber Eats Senior Marketing Manager
Natalie Purbrick Uber Eats Creative Director
Jessica Van Rooyen Uber Eats Marketing Manager
Otto Linwood III Uber Eats Creative Production Manager
Lexi Levin Uber Eats Consumer Communications Manager
Rashad Suarez Uber Eats Business Affairs Manager
Gracie Childress Uber Eats Media Manager

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