Product / ServiceINSURANCE
CategoryA06. Consumer Services / Business to Business
Production FLUX Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Production 2 THE HOOD & CO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Post Production FRANKLIN RD Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Additional Company FRANKLIN RD Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Naomi Ballantyne Partners Life Managing Director
Tony Arthur Partners Life Chief Commerical Officer
Kris Ballantyne Partners Life Chief Marketing Officer
Tina Morgan Partners Life General Manager, Marketing
Mika Ballantyne Partners Life Sponsorships Manager
Gerhard van Graan Partners Life Marketing Specialist
Sophie Broom Partners Life Brand Co-ordinator
Tony Bradbourne Special Group New Zealand CEO/CCO
Jonathan McMahon Special Group New Zealand Executive Creative Director
Lisa Fedyszyn Special Group New Zealand Executive Creative Director
Till Dittmers Special Group New Zealand Art Director
Jack Gravatt Special Group New Zealand Copywriter
Storm Day Special Group New Zealand Head of Client Service
Nick O'Donnell Special Group New Zealand Senior Business Director
Hannah Ross Special Group New Zealand Business Manager
Emma Cutfield Special Group New Zealand Producer
Jo Kelly Special Group New Zealand Senior Producer
Nicole Scopes Special Group New Zealand Producer
Nick Salter Special Group New Zealand Strategy Director
Laban Dickinson Flux Media Director
Joshua Forsman Flux Media General Manager
Kevin Howdeshell Flux Media Designer
Kirsten Howdeshell Flux Media Designer
Shane Taylor Flux Media 2D Animation
Shannon Fahey Flux Media 2D Animation
Dave Butler Flux Media 2D Animation
James Rua The Hood & Co Director (Live Action)
Caren Freeman The Hood & Co Producer (Live Action)
Jonathan Mihaljevich Franklin Rd Music & Sound Audio Post Producer
Sidney Kennedy Franklin Rd Music & Sound Music Composer
Shane Taipari Franklin Rd Music & Sound Head of Music & Sound Design
James Gibb Franklin Rd Music & Sound Music & Sound Supervisor

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We open to David Fane, a children’s show host from the 80’s/90’s sitting in front of a crackling fire, wearing a robe with a book in hand. Dave invites the viewer to enjoy a little Nursery Rhyme time. He starts off Humpty Dumpty. As he reads the well-known rhyme, we transition into an animated world and watch the story unfold. The story book style animation shows Humpty falling off the wall, but then Dave continues the narrative. As Dave rhymes we see the kings horses and men attempt to resuscitate Humpty, then his wife arriving. Then, we see how she is stuck with a financial burden and finally left alone at his funeral with nothing but a house she must sell. We end on the Partners Life end frame explaining how it doesn’t have to be unhappily ever after if you plan ahead.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Because we were telling nostalgic nursery rhymes, we wanted a host that brought people back to their childhoods even more. So, we chose Dave Fane, a children’s show host from when our target audience were kids. Also, because it was a nursery rhyme for adults, we only played the film between 8pm and 9:30pm (after the kids had gone to bed).