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CategoryF05. Cultural Insight
Idea Creation CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement MINDSHARE Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production 2 SONAR MUSIC Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production HECKLER Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Brent Smart IAG Chief Marketing Officer
Sally Kiernan IAG Director, Brand
Zara Curtis IAG Director of Content and Customer Engagement
Caroline Hugall IAG Group Brand Strategy Director
Luke Farrell IAG Director of Marketing Operations
Sam McGown IAG Creative & Innovation Lead
Elizabeth Stokes IAG Creative & Innovation Lead
Mahsa Merat IAG Creative & Innovation Specialist
Ant White CHE Proximity Chief Creative Officer
Chris Howatson CHE Proximity Chief Executive Officer
Holly Alexander CHE Proximity Director, Strategic Production
Gavin Chimes CHE Proximity Creative Director
Mark Tallis CHE Proximity Senior Art Director
Cameron Dowsett CHE Proximity Senior Copywriter
Katie Dally CHE Proximity Client Partner
Shane Holmes CHE Proximity Group Account Director
Charles Todhunter CHE Proximity Senior Account Manager
Nick Andrews CHE Proximity Head of Strategy
Darren Cole CHE Proximity Head of Design
Vanessa Saporito CHE Proximity Senior Designer
Reece Lawson CHE Proximity Digital Design Lead
Michael McGregor CHE Proximity Designer
Justin Kurzel Revolver Director
Michael Ritchie Revolver Executive Producer
Serena Paull Revolver Producer
Sam Chiplin Revolver Director Of Photography
Jack Hutchings Freelance Editor
Bonnie Law Heckler Executive Producer
Tom Corbett Heckler VFX Supervisor
Anthony Partos Sonar Music Composer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Red Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Black Saturday. When there’s a day of natural disaster in Australia, the media gives it a name. In 2020, NRMA Insurance launched a day of prevention, First Saturday. The initiative asks Australians to dedicate the first Saturday of every month to helping first responders by making their homes safer. To inspire participation, the launch film featured real firefighters from Australia's recent bushfires being called to a replicated emergency. For the first time, the nation got a realistic glimpse into what first responders face, seeing them not as superheros, but human beings that need help too.

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

The purpose of NRMA Insurance is to make your world a safer place. Their entire brand platform is built on a single promise - Help. Following Australia’s devastating summer bushfires, that purpose was more important than ever. Every year natural disasters put Australian homes and the first responders at risk. And every year NRMA Insurance steps in AFTER disasters to rebuild homes and lives. To bring their brand purpose to life, this year they created a day to help BEFORE - First Saturday for First Responders. First Saturday became part of the national calendar, inspiring Australians to dedicate the first Saturday of every month to doing one task to make their homes safer - preventing first responders being called to danger. It enacted real behaviour change in the community, shifting the national conversation from preparation to preservation and reframing simple safety tasks not as chores, but as help.


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