Product / ServiceSHAMPOO
CategoryB01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Idea Creation OGILVY INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Production OGILVY INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Production 2 GOOD MORNING Mumbai, INDIA
Post Production OGILVY INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Post Production 2 GOOD MORNING Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Kainaz Karmakar Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer - India
Harshad Rajadhyaksha Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer - India
Sukesh Nayak Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer - India
Anurag Agnihotri Ogilvy Managing Partner - Creative (India-West)
Shahrukh Irani Ogilvy Group Creative Director - Art
Hephzibah Pathak Ogilvy VICE CHAIR PERSON & CHIEF CLIENT OFFICER INDIA • Account Management
Vineet Singh Ogilvy Senior Vice President
Russell John Ogilvy Senior Vice President-Planning
Toshita Agarwal Ogilvy Group Account Manager
Deepika Bhan HUL Global Category Director (Hair Care, South Asia) + Global Brand Lead (Clinic Plus/Lifebuoy Hair)
Karan Goel HUL Global Marketing Manager, Hair Care - Clinic Plus & Conditioners Portfolio South Asia at Unilever
Harshal Chaudhari HUL Global Assistant Brand Manager - Clinic Plus
Shashanka Chaturvedi Good Morning Films Film Director
Robin D'cruz Good Morning Films Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

This film showcases an intimate moment between mothers and their young daughters. Various mothers across India are seen braiding their daughters’ hair. These are a few minutes that they get in a day, completely alone with each other. The mothers are giving their daughters the most important lesson of strength. They are asking their daughters to become stronger than them. They are telling her their own weaknesses and asking her to not just overcome them, but to go way beyond them. They are teaching the girls to be fearless, to have the courage to say no, to stand on their own two feet, to do everything their mother was too afraid to do. They are braiding their daughters’ strong hair and raising the daughter to be strong. Stronger than the society, and stronger than herself.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

A GENERATION GIRLS GROWING UP TO PASS ON THE DNA OF WEAKNESS. The reality in India is that girls are born strong but raised weak due to patriarchal society. This is feflective in gender Inequality Index ranked 127; 26% female workforce participation among the lowest worldwide and finally school enrolment statistics where 40% of girls aged 15+ don’t go to school (https://timesofindia.com/india). We see this apathetic state because girl child in India is raised to be second citizens of this country. From childhood they are indoctrinated into a belief that they have no voice, no freedom and have constantly live as slaves. Households across India display gender prejudices where male gender is given the license to study, play and do what they please as compared to girls who live in shackles. It was important for girls to grow up strong than grow up thinking they are weak.


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